Labs of reserve hospitals: Over 600,000 tests performed

November 17, 2020

Gradually the reserve Moscow hospitals have had to be put into use and labs at those facilities have performed  over 600,000 tests. The hospitals at the Sokolniki Exhibition Centre, the Krylatskoye Ice Palace, the ATC Moskva and at VDNKh are providing a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Their labs do general and biochemical blood tests, the novel coronavirus test, urinalysis, hematological, coagulation and immunological testing of biomaterials.

Lab diagnostics is one of the most important parts of these hospitals’ work. Due to the labs’ high capacity, they are quickly testing biological samples for infection and other concomitant diseases as well as suggesting the most effective way of treating any disorders. For performing a blood test patients are not sent off to another room; all samples are taken either in the admission department or at the patient's bedside. Most of the test results are ready within 20-40 minutes, which helps the doctors to assess the patient's condition and, if necessary, promptly adjust the treatment and diagnostic process, and prescribe therapy taking into account any pathology of organs and systems they might have.

In terms of their capabilities, the reserve hospitals are no different from any other multidisciplinary hospitals. They are administrated as units of major Moscow clinics - the Inozemtsev Hospital, the Vorokhobov Hospital No. 67, the City Clinical Hospital No. 24 and Yudin Hospital, whose doctors have accumulated extensive experience in treating patients with COVID-19.

Reserve hospitals are true full-fledged infectious disease facilities. They meet the most modern requirements and are fitted out with all the necessary equipment such as mobile X-ray machines, and mobile computer tomographs that allow for radiation diagnostics.


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