Lab capabilities of Sokolniki reserve hospital up tenfold

January 19

An automated lab has opened in the new wings of the reserve hospital in Sokolniki. It can run the entire complex of diagnostic tests, including the general blood analysis, biochemistry and coagulation tests.

"Our reserve hospital has an advanced automated lab where over 50,000 tests can be run on a daily basis. It only takes one to three minutes to put a sample in the automated biochemical, hematologic or coagulation analysers," said Alina Melkumyan, head of the lab diagnostics centre at the Sokolniki reserve hospital.

The diagnostics lab can run standard tests, such as general and biochemical blood analyses, as well as identify markers of heart or lung failure and a developing bacterial infection. The high-tech and high precision equipment is also used for the daily monitoring of patients. Doctors or lab assistants are not necessarily required for the whole process. Establishing such state-of-the-art complexes makes it possible to provide lab tests for diagnostics and treatment at the highest possible level.

Photo by Maxim Mishin, Press Service of the Mayor and Moscow Government

"The lab situated in the new wings is equipped according to international standards. We have managed to increase its capabilities tenfold in order to run all the necessary tests as quickly as possible and to provide timely help for patients with COVID-19 plus choose the best treatment needed," added Alexander Mitichkin, Chief Doctor of the Inozemtsev Clinical Hospital.

The new wings of the reserve hospital have cutting-edge equipment, with three ultrasound devices making it possible to carry out all the necessary ultrasound scans and also providing ultrasound control when catheterising a major vein. Doctors also have a mobile X-ray machine that can be used to diagnose patients in bed without having to move them. The new wings have 18 ventilators and a mobile CT scan. There are 625 additional beds for patients with the coronavirus, including 18 for the intensive care.

In Moscow, there are five reserve hospitals treating patients with COVID-19: at the Krylatskoye ice palace, the Sokolniki congress and exhibition centre, the Moskva car retail centre, VDNKh Pavilion No. 75 and at the medical complex in Kommunarka. They are part of the city clinical hospital No. 67, Inozemtsev Hospital, Yudin Hospital and hospital No. 24.


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