Kostroma Romance and Tsarist Kazan: New routes to Russian cities from Russpass

October 1
Tourism and travels

Digital travel service Russpass prepared special offers for travelers for the World Tourism Day. It is celebrated on September 27.

Users were presented with new routes in five cities of Russia: Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Kostroma and Voronezh. Offers can be used free of charge. Travelers will have a chance to plan a walk, get acquainted with the landmarks and discover new places.

I'll Show You Moscow route includes eight places in the historical center. The walk presents the architectural ensemble of the Kremlin, the monument to Prince Vladimir on Borovitsky Hill, as well as other sites of cultural and historical heritage.

And the capital of Tatarstan offers tourists to use The Tsarist Kazan: Carriages, Towers and Palaces route. It includes Bauman Street, the Kremlin, the Kul Sharif Mosque, the Syuyumbike Tower and the Palace of Farmers.  The route around Kazan was created based on the new travel show "Ruspass. Travel" release available on the service's YouTube channel. 

A walk around Voronezh: Three Elements route starts with inspection of the Goto Predestination ship on the Voronezh River, then proceeds to the aerial circus performance in the Memorial House of Russian artist A. L. Durov, follows to the monument to the kitten from Lizyukov Street and finally takes one to the Museum of the Nobel laureate in Literature Ivan Bunin.

Kostroma is suitable for a short trip. The Kostroma Romance route will introduce you to the ancient city on the Volga River. Tourists will see the Kostroma Sloboda open-air museum, where the Black Eyes and Peter's Youth movies were filmed, the main decoration of the central square — the fire tower, trading arcade Gostiny Dvor, and look at the Volga from the Ostrovsky's gazebo.

Vivid impressions are waiting for travelers in Rostov-on-Don. The Morning in the Big City route starts in the zoo, one of the largest in Russia and Europe. Then visitors take a ride on the Ferris wheel to see the city panorama, and finally take a trip along the Don River.

The digital travel service Russpass helps you quickly and easily plan a trip to Russia. On Russpass, one can buy train and air tickets, book a restaurant and much more.

A couple of clicks provides one with individual itinerary along the selected tourist places or a ready-made offer. More than three thousand travel offers are available on Russpass.

Russpass was initiated by the Moscow Government. The project implementation is supervised by Moscow Committee for Tourism jointly with Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies.

Source: mos.ru

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