Kommunarka Hospital doctors receive over 400 “kind badges”

December 11, 2020

On 7 December, 420 “kind badges” were officially presented to doctors at the Kommunarka Hospital. Under this project, volunteers take photos of doctors working in hospitals’ red zones. This allows patients to see the faces of the doctors who are wearing protective suits and learn the names of those helping them cope with COVID-19. The Moscow Youth projects office is implementing this project.

“We wear personal protective equipment all the time, and patients are therefore unable to see their doctors properly. They either see their faces, masks and nothing more. Cooperation and support are an important aspect of treatment, and they help patients recover more quickly. This is highly important during the rampant pandemic. Our experience shows that “kind badges” reduce the psychological burden on patients who feel more secure and understand that a real doctor, concealed by the suit, is trying to help him or her,” said Dr Andrei Bykov, an intensive care specialist with the Kommunarka Hospital.

The project involves volunteers taking photos of medical personnel in safe hospital areas. The photos are edited, printed and pasted onto badges. Red badges are reserved for doctors while nurses get navy-blue badges, and the green ones go to orderlies. The ready-made badges and their ribbons are delivered to hospitals. In all, 3,000 badges have been manufactured and given to medics to date. The project involves staff at 20 city hospitals.

“We will expand and promote this wonderful project. Young people should help the main fighters against COVID by contributing to this great common cause. We invite new volunteer photographers to join the project, and we continue to expand the list of the medical clinics involved,” said Anton Belokopytov, Head of the Moscow Youth projects office.

Anyone can join the project as a voluntary photographer.

Source: mos.ru

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