Journey with Krusenstern and video games of the 1980s: exhibitions to run during Times & Epochs

May 31

Four museums of Moscow invite to attend venues of the Times & Epochs international festival of reenactors  to be held 7 to 16 June. Exhibitions will open at the State Historical Museum, the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora, the Presnya Historical and Memorial Museum and the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. Admission is free.

Guests of the State Historical Museum will learn about the peoples Russian sailors under the leadership of Ivan Krusenstern encountered during the first circumnavigational expedition in 1803. On the background featuring traditional dwellings of the Nuku Hiva island, the Islands of Japan and Russian America, you will see the original and recreated artefacts and costumes.

The Victory Museum will run the Afghan War of 1979-1989 exhibition. Guests will view weapons, armours, uniforms and combat equipment.

The venue will be divided into two sections. The first section will display a Soviet military camp with army paraphernalia, machinery and weapons. Visitors will be introduced to the principles of area observation. In particular, the reenactors will show how to use optical rangefinder and make an observation scheme. Besides, you may view the DShK machine gun, AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher and GAZ-66 vehicles with anti-aircraft guns.

Several army tents will be arranged nearby, with a switch, field telephones for communication with the outpost, radio stations R-105M and R-108M, and a table with commanding officer's documents on. In the shelter tent, you will find everyday items of soldiers’ life: folding army beds, personal items, radio receiver. Visitors will also try to 'demine' an improvised military training area.

In the second section, you will be introduced to the everyday life of Afghans. Guests will visit a private store (dukan), will see a blanket cape  (pata), a hat (pushtunka), rosary, jewellery and luxury items of those days (an electronic watch, video- and tape recorders). A school with Afghan writing classes will also be displayed.

The Presnya Historical and Memorial Museum will host an interactive exhibition 'Technology for Youth'. Visitors will play on a vintage computer the games popular during perestroika — Digger, Tetris, Xonix and others. Besides, guests may play vinyl records on a record player and get acquainted with the full cycle of creating a photo in a vintage photo studio.

The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arty will host an exhibition telling about the everyday life of women in art nouveau period. Display will show 100 items of women's accessories, including rare ones: Spanish camisoles, Dutch brooches, French shoes and Belgian fans.


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