Journey to Christmas festival to last until 31 January

January 13

Over 21 million guests have already attended Journey to Christmas.

'It is almost mid-January, but we haven't seen winter so far. So, we have made much effort to create festive mood for citizens, with streets decorated and wonderful venues such as this one in Golyanovo arranged. The record-breaking 21 million people have visited these festival grounds. So, I believe that we have welcomed the New Year in a proper way,' said Sergei Sobyanin during his visit to the festive venue in Golyanovo.

Also, Moscow Mayor spoke with residents of Golyanovo district, who regretted that Journey to Christmas was to end on 12 January. By popular demand, Sergei Sobyanin has decided to extend Moscow’s chief festival until 31 January.

'I propose to extend the fairs until the end of January for there are still a lot of people willing to visit them, as many went away for the New Year holidays and only recently returned. So, the biggest venues will be open until the end of January. New Year celebration goes on!' he said.

Workshops and ice shows

You will find a new festival venue in the public garden next to Golyanovsky Pond, with concerts and workshops running daily. Learn to make bright ornaments and original home décor, make a decoupage picture, a clay gingerbread house, a plaster gingerbread man, and an original Christmas candle. Also, you can learn Gzhel painting or make a rice paper model of Mikuláš, the Hungarian Father Frost.

Outdoor activity fans will find a skating rink on the grounds. Bring your own skates and skate for free or rent skates on the spot for RUB 50.00, with a RUB 2,000 deposit you will get back right after the session.

Besides, the skating rink offers ice shows 'The Nutcracker', 'Cinderella', 'Cipollino' and 'The Frog Princess' staged by Pyotr Chernyshev.

Year-round fair

The venue in the public garden near Golyanovsky Pond hosting the festival will welcome visitors round the year. This new format fair opened on 15 December 2019.

The pavilion made of prefabricated structures covers 900 sq m. Designed for 30 outlets, it offers vegetables, fruit and pickles, fish and meat, dairy products, semi-finished products, confectionery and groceries. There is also a cafe in the pavilion.

The structure is easily disassembled to make room for city festivals, concerts and performances. The pavilion has ventilation, heating and air conditioning. There are also refrigerators to store food.

Manufacturers from Moscow, Vologda, Voronezh, Vladimir, Kursk, Moscow, Ryazan and Tambov regions, Chuvashia, Crimea and Kazakhstan offer their products at the fair in the public garden near Golyanovsky Pond, open 09:00 am till 08:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. On average, some 3,000 people visit the fair daily.

Ice rinks and snowboard park

This season (seventh one already), Journey to Christmas festival launched on 13 December, with 81 festive venues opened throughout Moscow. Apart from the public garden at Golyanovsky Pond, a new venue opened in the 16th Neighbourhood of Zelenograd.

This season, the festival's theme is 'Moscow is the capital of Christmas and New Year!’. The festival fairs have gathered manufacturers from 55 regions of Russia and 22 foreign countries. Last year, the festival was attended by 50 regions and 20 countries.

Artificial ice rinks appeared on 15 grounds and have been visited by 360,000 people already. Novopushkinsky public garden, Svyatoozyorskaya Street and the public garden near Golyanovsky Pond invite to skate or watch a figure skating show. Enjoy the ice ballets 'Snow Queen', 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake', 'Cipollino', 'Cinderella' and 'The Frog Princess'. Revolyutsii Square hosts ice performances 'Snow King', 'Ice Kings', 'The Nutcracker' and 'Swan Lake'. Over 150 shows will take place throughout the festival.

Outdoor enthusiasts can learn to play curling in Shkolnaya Street. Snowboard in Novy Arbat Street on a 5.5 m high and 30 m long slide. Young festival guests are also welcome to master this sport. Master classes will be conducted by professional athletes and coaches. The children's snowboard park offers open lessons.

In total, 5,500 concerts, 10,600 master classes and 100 sporting and fun games will take place during the festival. There are 18 free merry-go-rounds. In addition, there will be over 150 events supported by 18 charitable foundations.

The Christmas quest is offered by 20 festival venues. Participants are in for more than 80,000 prizes — sweatshirts, warm hats and scarves, travel mugs, festival branded merchandise, film tickets, sweet gifts and honey jars.

Guests can try foods cooked according to national recipes: Russian pies and honey gingerbread, Belgian waffles, French Bûche de Noël (Christmas Yule Log), zivju pudiņš (Latvian pudding) and Czech trdelník.

In total, festival grounds boast over 2,500 Christmas trees, 450 chalets, more than 130 km of LED garlands, 150,000 Christmas ornaments and 100 km of Christmas beads.

Space New Year

From 31 December till 5 January, festival grounds were opened in Tverskaya and adjacent streets. Six million people have visited them during these days.

Three venues — 'Dreams of Earth and Sky. 1920s–1930s', 'Conquest. 1950s–1960s' and 'Space Mission. 1970s and 1980s' — recreated the history of the conquest of the Universe: from the challenging fantasies of the early 20th century to planetary missions.

Space theme to welcome the year 2020 has been chosen for a reason, for the following events will be celebrated next year:

— 125th anniversary of the publication of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's book 'Dreams of the Earth and Sky' (1895);

— 60th anniversary of the successful launch and return to Earth of the spacecraft with Belka and Strelka dogs on board (1960);

— 55th anniversary of the first Alexei Leonov's spacewalk (1965);

— 50th anniversary of the Soviet Lunokhod spacecraft's landing on the Moon (1970);

— 45th anniversary of the first linking of the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft to the American Apollo (1975).

Besides, 93 years ago, in 1927, the first World Exhibition of interplanetary vehicles and mechanisms took place in Moscow in Tverskaya Street.

During the New Year celebration, the Moscow centre has seen over 250 performances held on four stages with 600 dancers and 100 athletes taking part. Guests joined some thousand workshops, attended street theatrical processions and intellectual games. Festive events were held within two special programmes — 'Moscow. Dreams of Space' (31 December till 2 January) and 'Moscow. Time of the First' (3-5 January).

100 art objects and six large sports facilities have been mounted in Tverskaya Street. Festival guests enjoyed 'space' swing, rode the zipline, snowboarding and tubing tracks, watched spectacular high-line performances (stunts on a rope stretched at the roof level) and motorbike shows.

Eight restaurants offered a special menu that included Rocket cheeseburgers, Alien falafel, Space sandwiches with wild duck and prunes, and more.

During the New Year's night, all Journey to Christmas venues were open until 03:00 am. Moscow residents and guests could watch traditional fireworks, concerts, performances, met with Father Frost and Snow Maiden, and enjoyed ice ballets with figure skating stars.

Last year, 3.1 million people joined New Year celebration at the central city venues. In total, 18.6 million people visited Journey to Christmas last year.

All Journey to Christmas venues


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