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August 29
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Capital’s best landmarks via Russpass.

Ilya Glazunov Gallery

The Ilya Glazunov Gallery has over 700 of the artist’s works on display. The pictures help visitors to plunge themselves into the history of Russian and international art. Ilya Glazunov himself did up the Gallery’s 19th century mansion on Volkhonka Street.

Museum of Cosmonautics

Great rocket scientists who designed spacecraft lived and worked in Moscow, like the members of the first Soviet cosmonaut squad. The Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNKh which is one of the largest science and technological museums in the world has a large collection of things like meteorites on display, and the spacecraft that returned the dogs Belka and Strelka safely back to Earth.

Multimedia Art Museum

The Multimedia Art Museum shows modern art in its entire diversity, including documentary photography, Primitivist drawings, experimental exhibits, rare historical newsreels and their stills and Post-Modernist art objects.

Zaryadye Park guided tour

Touring the park people can find out how it was created and built, and they will also learn interesting facts about the ancient Zaryadye territory. The River Overlook footbridge and glass dome are considered the main tourist attractions. The park also shows Russian nature in its entire diversity, including northern landscapes, the steppe and plenty of meadows.

Moscow Cableway

The city’s first cableway was unveiled  in late 2018. It allows passengers to admire the capital’s picturesque panorama and to reach the Luzhniki Sports Complex from Vorobyovy Gory (Hills) in just five minutes. The cableway operates 35 closed cars seating eight people each. They’re fitted out with media screens, LED lamps as well as bicycle, ski and skateboard racks. The newly-opened Skypark Moscow on Vorobyovy Gory offers the Zipline fun ride linking the area with Luzhniki. Passengers can take unusual photos while zooming high above the Moskva River.

Learn about other landmarks, networks and local services by going to People can discover ready-made themed routes all over the city there.

Russpass digital platform helps people wanting to tour Moscow or the whole of Russia, plan which routes to take depending on deadlines, interests and the purpose of their trips. The website contains all the city networks, services and landmarks, as well as the addresses of museums, parks, restaurants, theatres, cafés and shopping centres. The project was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government and the city’s Committee for Tourism and Department of Information Technology oversee its implementation.


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