Instruments of Success: how the Art for Children project fulfills dreams of young musicians

January 3

There are many opportunities in Moscow to develop the creative potential of children. The city has one of the largest systems of supplementary education across the world. It includes 139 art schools with about 100 thousand pupils. Children study music, choreography, artwork and theatrical art. This was made possible thanks to the Art for Children project intended for supporting creative education.

"The most popular field of study in city’s art schools is music. Children learn music in 133 institutions. Funds allocated through the Art for Children program of children's creativity support are used for repairing existing buildings and constructing additional ones. An equally important task is providing schools with modern equipment and new musical instruments," said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor.

In schools of art, children can learn to play rare instruments, such as the bassoon or the recorder flute. In 28 of them one can learn to play the organ, and in another 16 there are harpsichords.

Final stage of Moscow Mayor's grants contest: study at the Goldenweiser music school

Moscow provides additional support to the most talented students of music schools. For example, Moscow Mayor’s grants for culture and arts are awarded in 19 categories — from piano and organ to vocals, folklore, painting, architecture and design. Last year, grant holders received from 15 to 50 thousand rubles in individual nominations and from 30 to 150 thousand rubles in group nominations. This stimulus works well: pupils of Moscow's art schools gained 5,267 victories at international, all-Russian and city contests in 2020. They include 848 first class awards and Grand Prix.

One of such talented guys is Semyon Salomatnikov, a student of the Goldenweiser children's music school, the contest finalist for Moscow Mayor’s grants in the field of culture and art.  He learns to play the trumpet. Semyon considers participation in the contest and reaching the finals to be a serious stage in his musical life. He is very glad that the school helped him realize this dream.

"It was my dream to take part in the contest, teachers and school authorities supported and helped me a lot. The dream came true thanks to the knowledge that I acquired at school. There, we always had a lot of excellent musical instruments at our disposal, we could practice solo and ensemble at any time," Semyon Salomatnikov said.

The young man is sure that the key to success is availability of modern instruments, access to which is provided by the Goldenweiser school.  The school was repaired in 2019 within the framework of the Art for Children project. Besides, 117 new musical instruments were purchased — 9 balalaikas, 4 baritone horns, 1 vibraphone, 15 cellos, 3 guitars, 2 oboes, 7 domras, 4 clarinets, 2 xylophones, 1 marimba, 12 pianos, 2 grand pianos, 6 saxophones, 9 violins, 5 tenors, 3 trombones, 10 trombas, 2 bass horns, 8 percussion instruments, 12 flutes.

A wide selection of instruments

Another finalist of the Moscow Mayor’s grant contest in the field of culture and art is a college student at the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, balalaika player Alexey Kuznetsov. Studying gives the young musician a chance to develop his talent, master skills of both solo and ensemble performance, and participate in various contests.

"Comfortable conditions and creative atmosphere of our college helped me both take part in the contest for the Moscow Mayor's grant and become its finalist. Practical classes constantly improve skills in a variety of music performance areas. Comfortable classrooms, specially equipped for rehearsals, a wide selection of instruments encourage you to study more, look for and create your own style of performance," Alexey Kuznetsov emphasized.

79 musical instruments, including 24 wind, 8 keyboards, 17 folk, 18 percussion and 10 bow instruments and 2 grand pianos, were purchased for the college at the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music within the framework of the Art for Children projects.

Professional equipment

Lev Davydov entered the Chopin Moscow State College of Musical Performance to learn to play the piano. He has already enjoyed considerable success as winner of international contests: Heirs of Orpheus,Music without Borders, Young Talents of Russia, Savshinsky and Mozart contests.   A special place in the list of achievements is the finals of the contest for the Moscow Mayor's grants in the field of culture and art.

"It's a great pleasure to study music in the college. We have comfortable and convenient classrooms, the instruments condition is good, you can study and develop professionally. With the knowledge base that the college provides, and with the instruments at hand, a way to the victory becomes easier," Lev Davydov says.

Within the framework of the Art for Children project, the college purchased 32 musical instruments, including 6 pianos, 3 grand pianos, 17 wind instruments, a marimba, a vibraphone and others. Using them students can gain new awards and victories.

About the Art for Children project

The project was launched in 2018. Within the first two years, comprehensive maintenance of 130 facilities and major repairs of 26 buildings, as well as facades, roofs, utilities, ventilation systems were carried out, about 12.5 thousand musical instruments, 37.3 thousand sets of school furniture, more than 6.5 thousand pieces of musical equipment, technological equipment (sound, light and other) and equipment for art schools (muffle furnaces, easels and so on) were purchased.

No works were carried out in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to be postponed. By 2022, 19 facilities will be undergoing comprehensive maintenance works, as well as major repairs of 12 buildings (at six facilities — comprehensive, at six — local). 6.1 thousand sets of school furniture and 2.5 thousand units of musical instruments, 3.9 thousand units of technological and educational equipment will be purchased for schools.

In addition, two new buildings will be constructed for children's art schools in Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts in the settlements of Moskovsky and Mikhailovo-Yartsevsky. The project implementation will bring about complete updating of material and technical resources in art schools. 43.4 thousand sets of school furniture, 15 thousand musical instruments, as well as 10.4 thousand units of technological and educational equipment will be replaced.


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