Inspiring ideas and new projects: #HomeNotAlone podcast launched for school students

May 3

The Association of Class Teachers of Moscow's Educational Organisations, together with Moscow school students, have launched the #HomeNotAlone podcast to help kids stay in touch with their classmates, work on projects, and encourage and motivate each other.  

As part of the Best Podcast competition, some 80 secondary schools have submitted over 500 audio and video materials on the #HomeNotAlone theme. Participants share they ways of spending time at home during self-isolation, as well as engaging ideas on online studies and lists of their favourite films and books. 

"This is a unique experience and a time to discover new things, when optimism and willpower, initiative and the ability to work, study and communicate while staying at home are especially valuable. The #HomeNotAlone podcast is a successful experience of combining efforts by class teachers, Moscow school students and their parents," said Maxim Ivantsov, Chairman of the Association of Class Teachers of Moscow's Educational Organisations.

The best entries submitted for the competition have been posted on the Association's website.

Regular classes at Moscow schools have been suspended and only taught remotely. These measures were introduced in accordance with the order by the Moscow Department of Educations and Science and the executive order by Moscow Mayor in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.    

Amidst the unfavourable epidemiological situation, President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that the period from 6 May through 8 May will be non-working days. Added to the national holidays, this means that Moscow schools and colleges will not teach virtual and additional online classes for students from 1 May through 11 May.

You can find more information on the measures to prevent and tackle COVID-19 through the hotline of the Moscow Healthcare Department at +7 495 870 4509, as well as on the webpage of the special project.

COVID-19: official information


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