Inspired by Malevich and Lissitzky: new look of Nizhegorodskaya metro station

July 1, 2019

Nizhegorodskaya station of Nekrasovskaya metro line will be decorated in avant-garde art style. The design will be based on a combination of multi-coloured geometric shapes, the key Suprematism artistic technique. This design has been approved by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.

The ticket offices' ceilings will have large yellow and orange square lights. Yellow and orange colour scheme will prevail in tunnel walls and platform rectangular columns.  They will contrast with the grey colour of the ceiling and the walls. There will be cube-shaped bright orange benches installed along the platform.

"To station's design is inspired by the paintings by Kazimir Malevich, Lazar Lissitzky, Nikolai Suetin and other Suprematists. Based on the ideas borrowed from the artists, the architects created one of the brightest metro stations in Moscow. Platform interiors will have orange, yellow, light green, light blue, white, grey and black colours,'' said Moscow's Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov.

He added that the station's lighting will also be contrasting with the light ranging from warm yellow to cool blue. The ceiling will be made of metal aluminium panels with built-in LEDs, the walls will be coated with porcelain stoneware and natural grey stone, and floors paved with polished granite.

For 800,000 Muscovites

Nizhegorodskaya metro station of Nekrasovskaya metro line is under construction in the South-East of Moscow, in Nizhegorodskaya Street near its intersection with Ryazansky Prospekt. Trains of two metro lines, Nekrasovskaya and Big Circle Line, are expected to run through the new station. For this purpose, two platforms will be built capable of accepting four trains at the same time.

According to the design, the station will have two exits,  one to Nizhegorodskaya station of Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and Karacharovo platform of the Moscow railway's Gorkovsky direction, and the other one opening onto Ryazansky Prospekt.

After construction is complete, the new station will be part of Ryazanskaya transport interchange hub, one of the largest hubs in Moscow. It will combine metro, MCC, railway and surface transport.

The first section of Nekrasovskaya metro line was launched in early summer. It is almost 7 km long and includes four stations: Kosino, Ulitsa Dmitriyevskogo, Lukhmanovskaya and Nekrasovka.

In total, the new line will have eight stations: Nizhegorodskaya, Stakhanovskaya, Okskaya, Yugo-Vostochnaya, Kosino, Ulitsa Dmitriyevskogo, Lukhmanovskaya and Nekrasovka. After the construction is over, the length of Nekrasovskaya line will exceed 15 km. Pink Line will connect Nekrasovka and Nizhegorodsky districts.

Thanks to the new section of Nekrasovskaya line, transport will become more accessible for 800,000 Muscovites living in Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Vykhino-Zhulebino and Ryazansky districts. This will significantly unload the Purple Line of Moscow metro.


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