Innovation space: Startup Village conference to be held in Skolkovo

May 28
Economy and entrepreneurship

From 29 to 30 May, the 7th Startup Village, an international startup conference for tech entrepreneurs, will be held at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. About 150 sessions covering a variety of technology areas have been scheduled: from blockchain to robotics, from drones to smart energy. More than 15,000 people are expected to take part in the conference.

The programme includes business meetings, expert presentations and special events. Innovative business projects are to be represented at Startup Bazaar, one of its major events. The Moscow Government has prepared 10 startups based on innovative solutions in commerce, transport, education and others.

As one of the key panel discussions, 'Regional Features of Innovation Ecosystem Development: How to Meet Urban and Corporate Needs for Innovation?' will highlight the infrastructure for entrepreneurs taking advantage of new technologies.

"Moscow is one of the leading regions in infrastructure development and technological business support. Since 2015, the number of technoparks and business accelerators in Moscow has more than doubled, and at the time being, there are almost three times more co-workings," said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor.

The Moscow Government's booth at Startup Village will host Urban.Tech.Moscow 2019 hackathon, Russia's major developer competition. This year, it will be joined by participants from seven countries, with a total of 100 teams of software product and service developers to improve the urban environment quality and develop digital technologies.

During the round table 'Why Do SME Need Accelerators?', they will discuss the outcome of the previous Urban.Tech.Moscow hackathons. So, in 2018, the project participants offered ready-made tech solutions at the request of six corporations and five urban structures. The pitch session will discuss startups supported by the Moscow Government. Session guests will have an opportunity to communicate with investors and project teams directly.

Representatives of major Russian and foreign cities administrations, CEOs of high-profile Russian and international companies are among 300 Startup Village speakers, with Alexei Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations, Alexei Nemeryuk, Head of the Department of Trade and Services, Yevgeny Danchikov, Head of the Moscow’s Main Oversight Directorate, Alexei Parabuchev, CEO of the Moscow Agency of Innovations, and others.

Startup Village will be held as part of the Moscow Week of Entrepreneurs. Learn more and register on the website (in Russian). 


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