In the coming years, trains with three-door cars will appear in Moscow

October 3

Central Suburban Passenger Company, the largest railway carrier of the Moscow region, will receive 95 new up-to-date trains by 2024. 25 of them will be launched next year.

The new trains will have wide doors, connectors for charging gadgets and no vestibules. Passengers will be able to charge on the travel not only phones and laptops, but electric scooters too. The cars are equipped with soft seats, dynamic lighting, comfortable handrails and modern climate systems with air disinfection function. Also, the trains will have places for vending. The new trains will accelerate quickly and brake smoothly.

“New up-to-date rolling stock is a guarantee of successful and stable operation of the railway transport in the city. Despite the hardships of 2020, carriers did not reduce purchases of rolling stock, but imposed new requirements on manufacturers, taking into account passengers’ wishes,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Transport.

He said that first trains with three-door cars will soon run the railway lines to speed up passenger boarding and deboarding, which is especially important for urban transport.

The new trains will be delivered under a life cycle contract. This means that the manufacturer will be fully responsible for the quality of the cars.


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