In new formats: the best guides talk about the life of museums during the pandemic

July 11

In June, Moscow chose the best museum workers - tour guides as part of the final stage of the Moscow Masters XXI city competition of professional skills. The competition final was held at the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

The members of the competition committee assessed the participants' ability to work with different audiences, mastery of excursion work methods, their erudition, speech culture, emotionality and artistry.

Following the competition results, three winners were determined. The first place went to Alfred Vardazaryan, an employee of the Museum of Cosmonautics. This means that next year exactly in this museum, according to tradition, the Moscow Masters competition will take place in the Best Museum Worker - Guide nomination. It is symbolic that Alfred Vardazaryan became the winner in the year of the 60th anniversary of the first human space flight.

Alfred Vardazaryan: The life of the Museum of Cosmonautics is now impossible to imagine without online

Alfred Vardazaryan has been working at the Museum of Cosmonautics for four years. His specialization includes educational projects for schoolchildren and students: museum lessons, research activities in the museum, quests and quizzes, meetings with cosmonauts and much more. The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to development of new formats to the capital museums.


In 2020, the first museum television in Russia, the Museum of Cosmonautics LIVE, was launched, as part of which every week there are live broadcasts from the museum studio. Here the museum life and astronautics news are presented. The WORLD: Museum Research Work online program, which introduces children to research activities, continues to be successfully implemented.

Elizaveta Galperina: A passion for biology led to the Darwin Museum

Elizaveta Galperina, who took the second place in the Moscow Masters competition, has been working in the museum field for about three years. She is now a research associate at the Darwin Museum. Elizaveta explains her choice with a passion for biology and a desire to popularize this science, for which museum activities are perfect.

Her colleagues invited her to participate in the competition, convincing Elizaveta that this is a wonderful way to meet interesting people who have chosen the same professional path. According to her, the final was held in a very warm atmosphere, for which the staff of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve should be thanked.

Elizaveta Galperina told how the Darwin Museum was adapted to the new challenges of the time:


Irina Polyanskaya: Online events began to occupy an important place in the life of the Kuskovo Memorial Estate

Irina Polyanskaya, a research associate of the Department of Scientific and Educational Work and Museum Programs of the Kuskovo Memorial Museum became the third one in the competition.

Today the unique 18th century memorial estate is also getting used to a new life. According to Irina, at first it was a little difficult to change the views, but soon the museum staff were able to be filled with the new formats, making them vivid and interesting for visitors.


The museum worker is sure that the main success is when online formats are in good contact with live formats and qualitatively complement what cannot be done offline. Therefore an integrated ensemble, which would not leave any visitor indifferent, is formed.


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