In four districts of Moscow, modern mini-parks for walking with dogs appeared

September 15
Social sector

In four districts of the city - Mozhaisky, Losinoostrovsky, Yasenevo and Severnoye Medvedkovo - modern playgrounds for walking with dogs have appeared.

Fully equipped functional spaces were created within the framework of the Moscow Mayor's program My District. Their concept was developed with the participation of experts from the Russian Cynological Federation and the Union of Cynological Organizations of Russia, and focus-groups were also held. This was told by Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor.

“About 1.2 million households in the capital keep dogs, and their number is constantly increasing. There are only about 700 equipped playgrounds for dogs for the whole city. 63 percent of Muscovites, according to the survey, note their absence within a walking distance. 45% of residents do not use them, because they are in poor condition or they are simply not near the house,” Natalya Sergunina said.

According to the results of the My District program research, a standard for dog playgrounds of a new type was developed. It takes into account many parameters - from aesthetics and comfort to the use of modern eco-friendly materials.

“These spaces have many advantages in terms of both appearance and functionality. They are designed as mini-parks: they involve landscaping, the use of eco-friendly materials, a combination of lawn and high-quality artificial turf, entrances with a vestibule so that the pet can not run out without the knowledge of the owner. It will be convenient for the pet owners themselves. They are provided with weather shelters, benches, bicycle parking,” the Deputy Mayor added.

A playground for dogs with a size of more than 1.5 thousand square meters was opened in the Losinoostrovsky district (47, Anadyrsky proezd, building 1). Local residents have used this territory before to walk with dogs, but it was not equipped in any way. Now the dog playground has lighting, fencing, functional simulators for training animals, a walking area and a space for active games.

In the Mozhaisky district (81, Belovezhskaya Street), you can now walk with dogs on the playground which occupies 526 square meters. Thanks to the landscape solution - an artificial change in the terrain - the playground seems even more spacious, and it will be more interesting for animals to play among the hills. For the comfort of the owners, benches with a canopy were installed here.

A modern playground measuring 545 square meters was made in Yasenevo (5, Aivazovsky Street, building 1) on the place, where citizens used to walk dogs. The plot has become convenient and adapted for walking with pets. In particular, it has been covered with a wear-resistant lawn, special equipment was installed for training.

In Severnoye Medvedkovo (1a, Studenny Proezd, building 3), a whole park for pets with an area of almost three thousand square meters was created. It is located within a walking distance and at the same time quite far from the nearest residential buildings. The territory has long been used by the cynological club, but local residents asked to divide it into functional zones so that it would be comfortable to walk dogs, and not just to train them. At the initiative of Muscovites, separate spaces for free walking of animals, their training and for the rest of the owners appeared in the park.

Some of the equipment on all playgrounds (slides, curbstones, stairs-towers, barriers and even benches for recreation) are made of high-quality eco-friendly recycled materials, safe for dogs and their owners.


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