In 2021, users donated over 13.5 million rubles

January 14
Social sector

In 2021, users donated over 13.5 million rubles to charitable organizations connected to a specialservice on portal. The average amount of a donation was 338 rubles.

“In 2021, we updated the service interface and implemented new features that made it more convenient and popular. For example, a progress scale was introduced that indicates how much money the organization needs to raise to reach the goal; besides one can set up automatic payments. It is now possible to make a donation without authorization on Development of the service involved more Muscovites interested in charity. In early 2021 users were transferring to charitable organizations a little over 400 thousand rubles a month, and by the year’s end the amount of donations per month exceeded 4.7 million rubles,” said Evgeny Kozlov, First Deputy Head of the Mayor Office and the Moscow Government.

In late 2021, the number of charity service users on exceeded 19.5 thousand. Compare it with the beginning of last year — only 3.5 thousand people used the service.

One of the service key advantages is that donators can be sure that their money will go where they have sent it to. All charitable organizations provide quarterly reports concerning their work.

In 2021, the charity service became available in the official mobile application My Moscow on It is located in the My Payments section. There is a block “Charity with” under the list of accounts. To help a particular charity fund, one needs to click on the Help button under its name and indicate the amount to be transferred. All programs are sorted by categories: adults, people with disabilities, children, animals, elderly, families. One can find out more about the program of each organization by clicking on its icon.

Charity Service on was launched in October 2020. It was created by the Moscow Department of Information Technology together with the Moscow Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy supported by the Public Chamber of the city. Currently, 60 charitable organizations of the capital are connected to the service. They provide systematic and targeted assistance to various groups of children and adults with disabilities or to those who are in a difficult life situation, as well as humanitarian aid and support to homeless shelters. Each organization has a separate page where users can find out information about its activities. On average, five new organizations join the service each month.

In 2021, the charity service on became a winner of several prestigious Russian awards, including CIPR Digital in the Best Digital Service nomination and the Communitas Awards in the Leadership in Devotion to Society nomination. The service was mentioned within the framework of The Best Social Projects of Russia forum, it also won the All-Russian social advertising contest of non-profit organizations and social enterprises Advertising of the Future in the Best Practices of Information Support nomination.

The platform was highly appreciated on the world level. In January of 2021 the service received the international Big Innovation Awards, and in May — the German Innovation Award in the Information Technology category.



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