In 2020, the MCD train fleet became one of the youngest in Europe

March 6

In 2020, the rolling stock of Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) has become one of the newest in Europe. This was reported by the MCD press office. In general, 499 new cars were delivered to the Moscow Transport Hub (MTH) last year.

“Prior to the MCD launch in early 2019, 57 percent of the old rolling stock was on future diameters. In 2020, a large-scale work was carried out to renew the fleet of commuter trains. On the first and second diameters, the train fleet has been renewed by 100 percent. There are trains running here with the average age not exceeding three years: Ivolga, EP2D, Lastochka and double-deck aeroexpress trains. Thus, the fleet of rolling stock at Moscow Central Diameters is one of the youngest in Europe today,” the MCD press office said.

In 2021, travel suppliers will receive more than 200 new cars for servicing MTH: 209 cars of EP2D trains and 20 new cars of Lastochka trains.

In addition, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the city managed to maintain a record pace of construction and reconstruction of stations in promising and existing MCDs. In 2020, 15 suburban stations were built or reconstructed in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. The appearance and level of infrastructure comfort have changed: now, instead of uncomfortable platforms, modern stations with elevators, escalators, overhead and underground passages and warm lobbies appear.

This year, 11 more facilities are planned to be opened in the capital area: 10 stations on lines of existing and prospective diameters (Pechatniki, Shchukinskaya, Maryina Roshcha, Aminevskaya, Minskaya, Kokoshkino, Vnukovo, Meshcherskaya, Tolstopaltsevo, Matveevskaya) and a new Vostochny Station on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) for long-distance transit trains.

Since launch, MCD trains have carried over 150 million passengers. Today MCD-1 and MCD-2 are 132 kilometers of tracks and 60 stations, from 20 of which you can change to the underground, stations of the Moscow Central Circle and railway radial lines.


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