In 2 or 3 weeks Moscow hospitals will be back to normal

June 6

In two or three weeks many of Moscow’s hospitals which have been converted into facilities for treating coronavirus patients will start functioning as normal again. According to Sergei Sobyanin who appeared on Russia 24 television channel there is a lot of work to be done as about 6,000 hospital beds have to be dealt with.

“It requires some work to bring everything back to normal again. Everything must be disinfected, and also maintenance work has to be carried out plus a lot needs to be put through the wash and, of course, all the doctors who were treating people with the coronavirus have to be tested. There is a lot to do. It will take at least a couple of weeks or so. But the procedure has been launched and now it is irreversible, so in a few weeks’ time hospitals will be back to normal again,” Moscow Mayor stressed.

Meanwhile, he explained that about 17,000 reserve beds will remain in place just in case the epidemiologic situation changes. All in all Moscow converted about 23,000 normal beds in the city, federal and private hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Not only hospitals for the coronavirus patients but also places that were used for emergency cases will return back to working normally: “It means they provided urgent medical help whereas planned assistance was not rendered in full. Cancer treatment was given in full, but most of the other areas were not,” noted Sobyanin.

Temporary medical centres set up in Moscow of late will be kept in reserve. They were set up in 17 city hospitals, the main ones being the Sklifosofsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, the Filatov City Clinical Hospital No. 15 and Hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka. They will be used in cases of emergency should some of the main buildings need to undergo maintenance work.

“However, in general, they will be simply kept in reserve. We will continue helping COVID-19 cases in normal high-tech Moscow hospitals,” added Sergei Sobyanin.

For this reason the city will find it easier to bring hospitals back to normal. This week the hospital in Shabolovka Street, Mukin City Clinical Hospital, Pletnyov City Clinical Hospital, Demikhov City Clinical Hospital and City Clinical Hospital No. 31 began preparations for returning back to work normally.

Sergei Sobyanin is sure that the gradual lifting of the restrictions will not be detrimental to the epidemiologic situation in Moscow.

“We are gradually getting back to normal stage by stage, while forestalling big spikes. And we can see it indirectly from the figures of the disease, COVID pneumonia diagnosing rate and the numbers of people having to be taken to hospital,” he explained.

If you are interested to find out more information on the coronavirus prevention and treatment methods call: +7 (495) 870 45 09 (daily from 8 am to 9 pm) or visit special project section.


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