Important things done over five years: how Moscow has changed due to Active Citizens

June 13
Social sector

The project turned 5. This electronic portal to vote on urban development issues was launched on 21 May 2014. There have been almost 4,000 votes held since then. Let's recall the most ambitious decisions of 'Active Citizens' implemented by Moscow authorities.

Park improvement and landscaping

Thanks to the project participants, some untended Moscow areas have been transformed into parks and comfortable recreation areas. In consultation with Moscow citizens, upgrading projects for more than a hundred parks have been approved within 5 years.

In 2018, upgrading projects for the areas near the major Moscow cultural site, the Gorky Park, and the main Russian exhibition VDNKh were approved. As a result, Gorky Park has now a new entrance overlooking Leninsky Prospekt, a promenade and an observation deck, and the central VDNKh entrance boasts convenient walking areas, landscape lighting, shrubs planted and modern convenient bus stop shelters installed.

Project participants also decided what the space of the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Centre should be like after the large-scale improvement.  As an outcome of the work, 2.8 ha of the grounds has been upgraded, with overhead wires put underground, new lighting poles installed and architectural and artistic lighting set up, two playgrounds renovated, the fence replaced and trees planted.

Two more park upgrading projects, approved by the 'active citizens', became winners of the Russian national award for landscape architecture in 2018. It is the upgrading project for parks in the Bitsa River floodplain and Khodynskoye Pole. The former was recognised the best large-scale improvement of the living environment, the latter was the best environmental and engineering design site.

The park in the Bitsa River floodplain has been upgraded based on requests of Severnoye Butovo's residents, with a new sports zone set up and the existing sports and playgrounds renovated. Designers focused on the unique terrain of the floodplain and have also taken care of the ponds: their natural slope has now an amphitheatre and a street stage, and there is a promenade along the bank, with benches and steps running down to the ponds.

A 25.5 ha park with an artificial pond, observation desks, a dry fountain, a training complex and playgrounds has been set up on Khodynskoye Pole where wasteland used to be. The recreation area is located on four man-made hills. Part of the natural soil has been replaced by a new, fertile layer of soil for plants to take root better.

Last autumn, the improvement of the Svyatoslav Fyodorov Park was also completed. It was decorated with a dynamically lit fountain covering 192 sq m, a herb garden with oregano, lavender, sage, fennel and other fragrant plants, gazebos, decorative pergolas and an outdoor book-crossing library, with new street lights installed, a skate park built, an old rink and seven playgrounds reconstructed, and a dog run equipped.

New unified library card and the Moscow Resident social card

Rebranding of plastic cards any Moscow resident is free to use, the Moscow Resident social card and a unified library card has changed both cards' functionality and design. Active Citizen participants have chosen the cards' design.

Moscow Resident social card, formerly known as a social card, has been available not only to privileged categories of citizens since last year. It can be used as a travel card, a document to make an appointment with a doctor, a bank card, you may use it to pay for children's meals at school and receive discounts in partner stores of the Moscow Resident Social Card project.

Updated card's design features an evening panorama of the city overlooking the Moskva River, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Kremlin. 61 percent of 'active citizens' participating in the survey have voted for this design version. In total, more than 166,000 people joined in. They were three options to choose from — a card's design with a Moscow panorama was preferred to options with a more schematic design.

Citizens who voted for a unified library card's design had three options, too. This card has replaced regular district library cards. It will help Moscow residents listed in a unified automated library system to lend books at all city libraries.

200,000 people participated in choosing a unified library card's design, 68.48 percent of votes given for a card featuring bookshelves with coloured book backs against a turquoise background. Same colour design options, but with more concise images, have been favoured by 23 percent of vote participants.

A unified library card is issued free of charge and for an unlimited time. You may get it at any library, just show your passport. Parents can also get a card for children under 14.

Online registration of Compulsory Health Insurance Policy

Starting from March 2018, Moscow residents may register a Compulsory Health Insurance Policy on, thanks to the initiative of 'active citizens'.  Earlier you had to visit public services centres or medical insurance company more than once to register a policy, but now Moscow citizens are allowed to apply and submit documents online, as well as to choose a convenient place to get a policy.

A new document or a duplicate of a lost policy is to be issued within 30 days after submission of an electronic application. During this period, the applicant can receive medical care with a temporary electronic document.

Apply for a new Compulsory Health Insurance Policy in Services section. The user needs to specify the form of the policy (a paper form or a plastic card), attach a scan of an identity document, a photo and a sample of a personal signature.

The information provided will be checked within a day after the application is submitted, with a temporary insurance certificate sent to the user's personal account. You will receive a text message if your policy is ready. You can pick up the document at a convenient time in the place selected when making an application.

Moscow sports facilities' ranking and the public coach registers.

In 2017, 'active citizens' compiled two most important rankings for sports fans: the list of the best sports facilities of Moscow and a coach register.

'Moscow Coaches' Service contains information about the experts who work in the organisations of the Moscow Committee for Sport (Moskomsport), and helps to find a suitable coach based on his or her qualifications and experience. The Muscovites decided on the information this list should contain, 215,500 users voted for this. Data on education, work experience and personal achievements of coaches and athletes trained by them was the most required information.

With the help of an interactive list of Moscow sports facilities, city residents may easily find the nearest gyms, clubs, swimming pools, stadiums, trails, courts and other sports facilities, find out their opening hours and contact information, as well as check specialists working in a particular institution, as the list is linked with the coach register.

The criteria for the service to filter sports facilities have also been chosen by the Active Citizen participants. The key rating criteria for courtyard and park grounds, recreational centres and stadiums were the availability of training equipment, type and condition of gym's coating, tidiness, extra illumination and the opportunity to rent equipment. In total, 228,000 people voted on this issue.

Opening of My Documents flagship centre in the Southwestern Administrative Area

On 28 June 2018, My Documents flagship centre launched in Southwestern Administrative Area, Yasenevo district. The second flagship of public service centres' network opened in Novoyasenevsky Prospekt, due to the 'active citizens' initiative: 60 percent of respondents voted for this location.

The project participants have also chosen additional services available to visitors of My Documents flagship centres. Registration of vehicles, various services to small businesses and registration of land by legal entities are among the services provided by flagship centres only. They also have a bank branch, a ticket office, a  photo studio, My Travels service, My Health medical office and a cafe.

There is a specially equipped parking lot with platforms to check the cars for further vehicle registration and parking permits' registration near My Documents office on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt.

My Documents flagship centre in Southwestern Administrative Area is open 10:00 am till 10:00 pm, providing more than 170 public services, including passport, birth certificate, personal insurance policy number (SNILS), TIN, driver's license and other documents' registration.


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