If not books, then cosplay. Moscow librarians talk about their unusual hobbies

May 28, 2019

Moscow libraries are transforming into cultural centres where you can not only take a book home or slowly flip through it in the reading room, but also take part in master classes, listen to lectures and find many other exciting activities. On their professional holiday, five Moscow librarians told mos.ru about how a hobby can help to make a blooming garden out of a reading room, how dogs can encourage children to love reading and how to attract cosplayers to the library.

Elizaveta Novichkova (Lermontov Library No. 76). Hobby — cosplay

Cosplay is not just about wearing favourite movie and book characters' costumes, but it is also about acting. This is what a librarian Elizaveta Novichkova who has been fond of cosplay for over seven years thinks. Her ability to find interesting details in the image and behaviour of the characters helps her in her work. For example, Biblionight that was held in April.

«Our library staff cosplayed 'Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly' characters — in fact, the recent Biblionight was dedicated to cosplay. Our Head Galina Kireeva cosplayed the main character. Young readers have seen it all before, but for adult readers this is really unique. They were really happy to cosplay their favourite characters.

Sometimes I take part in theme conventions such as Comic Con. We sometimes organize such meetings with my like-minded friends. And I'm happy that I can interest some of them to visit some events that we have in our library».

Natalya Laitseva (Library No.100). Hobby — flower-growing

«We have flowers on 600 square meters —the reading room and the upper gallery. It looks really home-like, our readers like it. Sometimes they ask, "Do you have a gardener in your library?'' They don't believe one person can look after so many plants.

And when some readers see how many plants we have and how we look after them, they ask us to look after their plants, while they're out for their vacation. However, we have to refuse, as it is a big responsibility, and possible diseases can harm our plants.

People say that a stolen flower strikes root better. That's why sometimes our readers cut leaves off our plants to take them home. And we are not offended at all».

Irina Maleeva (Library No. 72). Hobby — sport

1st class bibliographer Irina Maleeva takes sport as seriously as her work: 3rd class swimmer, 2nd judge category in triathlon. Now her hobbies are obstacle race and trail running (running on any unpaved surfaces such as forests, mountains, quarries). She also helps to organize various competitions.

«Sport affects a person's character, it makes a person more disciplined and focused, including at work. I can combine those two activities. Sometimes I organize quests, events and master classes for children. I really want to start a running club at our library. All the more so, because I work with young and active professionals who love sport too. Our boss has recently took part in a race. As part of the Librarian Day, I would like to attract professional athletes to inspire our readers to engage in outdoor sports.

Sport unites, and there are some nice coincidences. Once I ran in a very difficult obstacle race. In the midst of the competition, I met a regular reader of our library. We were both tired and dirty, but we recognized each other. We ran the rest of the route together. It turned out I was the one who inspired him to participate in the race when I talked about competitions».

Elena Rudenko (Prospect Library No.169). Hobby – animal-volunteering

In her free time, librarian Elena Rudenko helps homeless animals, mostly dogs. She spares neither time, effort nor money for it. Together with like-minded people, she started a volunteer team to look for owners for stray dogs. And Elena coordinates her own animal-related project in the library.

«When I started working at the library, I suggested the idea of Bibliodog project. This project helps children develop their reading skills. It features therapy dogs. When children are just learning to read, it can be really difficult for them and it takes a very long time. Sometimes when parents and teachers watch them, they can feel shy and stiff, and it discourages them.

And things are completely different when the listener is a dog! A kind and sweet dog that you can stroke and that doesn't make comments and helps to relax and enjoy reading. Many children make progress, and then they choose another book they want to read to their four-legged friend. Our dog-listeners are very different — we have a Collie, a Bavarian Mountain Hound, a Pinscher and a Toy Fox Terrier, as well as regular mongrel dogs. They are all tested by dog handlers for their sanity and ability to communicate with children. The idea is not new, it is common practice in different countries, but I wanted to try it myself.

And sometimes stray dogs find their homes with the help of our readers. For example, one of the latest Biblionights involved my ward dogs. The family that came to us was looking for a puppy. They took it home. However, the puppy turned out to be deaf, but this did not prevent him from growing into a beautiful, kind and clever dog. Its owners are very happy».

Alexandras Krifaridi (Svetlov Central City Youth Library). Hobby — mountain hiking

Librarian Alexandras Krifaridi always spends his vacation in mountain hikes. His conquered summits include Crimean AI-Petri, Mountain Semiglavaya in the Krasnodar region and Mount Olympus in Greece. He plans to climb Elbrus and the Himalayas.

«I love nature, and mountain hiking is my own way to spend a few days in silence. Just a couple of weeks ago I came back from Crimea. At first night in Moscow I couldn't fall asleep and get used to the new situation for a long time. Nature was much quieter and calmer. This feeling probably relates me to my profession, because books give me a similar feeling. Books help to abstract my mind from the over-saturated world full of electronic devices and constant haste. That's why I've always loved libraries.

I have another hobby — dancing. Now I help to develop a choreographic project for Tochka Dostupa festival. Of course, it would be great to combine my hobby with my work. For example, to hold a lecture program dedicated to the modern dance history».

Source: mos.ru

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