ICU ambulances in Moscow supplied with biochemical blood test equipment

January 29

Mobile ICUs have been equipped with portable biochemistry analysers for use in emergency cases, according to Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova.

“The Moscow Government has purchased 70 portable biochemistry analysers for Moscow ambulances. The ICU teams will now be able to take all the necessary tests in emergency cases. This equipment is extremely important for saving lives when every minute counts. We plan to integrate all our equipment into a common information system so that other experts could be contacted for interpreting a patient’s test results in a non-typical situation,” Anastasia Rakova said.

A portable biochemistry analyser is a small device with an opening where a cartridge with a patient’s blood is inserted. The basic test results will be available on the screen several minutes later. They can be printed out in the ICU ambulance and provided to a doctor in the hospital where the patient is taken.

These devices are invaluable in case of sepsis, severe renal impairments, acute respiratory distress, acid base or electrolyte imbalance, and reversible blood flow disturbance.

The Alexander Puchkov Ambulance and Emergency Care Services is the city’s largest medical organisation with 60 substations and 107 posts, including 20 posts on the main motorways, 10 on the MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) and 77 at inpatient and outpatient clinics. The organisation employs 2,500 doctors and 8,400 trained medical workers.


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