How to buy prescription medicine, whether you can go to the country or workout: self-isolation FAQs

March 30

According to the decree of Moscow Mayor, all residents must observe self-isolation rules.

Combating COVID-19. FAQs.

Do I need to report my trip to the country, to Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative areas, for example?

No, you don’t. There is no need to report it, unless a relevant regulatory act of the Moscow Government is published on

Can I leave Moscow for the Moscow region?

Yes, you can. You can also come back from the region to Moscow.

I have a scheduled treatment to attend. How can I get another appointment with a doctor in a clinic? Is there any fine for such a visit to a doctor?

According to the Decree, receiving medical care is a valid reason to leave home.

What are the advantages of special permits? Who is entitled to one? How will the smart control system work?

All explanations about the introduction of special permits and technical systems necessary to monitor self-isolation compliance will be provided in a regulatory act of the Moscow Government to be published on

How am I to buy prescription (controlled) medicines sold by selected pharmacies of Moscow only?

The procedure is the same. You will be able to purchase the necessary medicines as usual.

Can I go for a run? I do not contact other people, I try to run around them, keeping at least 2 m distance.

No, you can't. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, you must self-isolate.

Can I workout on the sports grounds next to my house?

No, you can't. Coronavirus lives on surfaces, including sports equipment.

Can I walk my dog or take out garbage?

Yes, but no further than 100 m away from your house.

If I expect a close relative coming to the city by train, can I pick him up by car?

The decree does not prohibit the movement of vehicles, including personal ones.

Can I move around the city on a motorbike?

The decree does not prohibit the movement of vehicles, including motorbikes.

How will the clinics work?

Clinics will work as usual.

Why is it allowed to walk to the nearest store but driving to another one further away is prohibited?

That's not true. You can drive to the store located some distance away from your house. If you walk, you may go the nearest store or pharmacy only. It is required to comply with measures aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus.

Will taxi prices change?

No, taxi prices will be the same.

Will the travel cards be extended?

Yes, the validity of 60 30, 90-trip and 365-day tickets added to the Troika Travel Card, along with TAT tickets, will be automatically extended for five days, provided you do not use any type of public transport 30 March through 3 April.

Starting 6 April, you can extend your Troika Travel Card at the metro ticket offices or inquiry offices. Extend your TAT tickets at Mosgortrans kiosks.

For more information, please call: +7 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (mobile).


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