How the MCD directions will be linked together in the coming years

October 4

With the launch of MCD-3 and MCD-4, 12 transport interchange hubs will be created, which will allow passengers to interchange between the first four Moscow Central Diameters (MCD).

“Today the diameters are not interconnected, but we will solve this problem in the coming years. We keep creating a transport framework; very large-scale works are underway in Moscow to modernize the railway infrastructure. Once they are completed two more diameters will be launched, all the four diameters will be united into one urban rail network. Due to new convenient and free interchanges, passengers will become even more mobile and travel along new routes currently inaccessible,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Transport.

For example, today’s travel from Degunino station on MCD-1 to Shchukinskaya station in MCD-2 exceeds half an hour, as the passenger has to interchange twice. With MCD-2 Dmitrovskaya interchange station in place, it will be possible to save over 10 minutes and make only one interchange.

The travel between MCD-1 Timiryazevskaya station and MCD-2 Kurskaya station will also be shorter. Now passengers have three interchanges, and the travel time is 32 minutes. Once Dmitrovskaya interchange station is launched, the same route will take about 23 minutes with only one interchange.

Traffic of the first two Moscow Central Diameters was opened in November 2019. The total length of MCD-1 and MCD-2 is 132 kilometers with 60 stops. 21 of them have interchanges with metro stations, Moscow Central Ring, as well as with railway radial directions. By 2024, the number of stops of the two diameters will increase to 66, and the number of interchange hubs — to 27.

To date, three more diameters are under design and construction: MCD-3 "Leningradsko-Kazansky" (from Zelenograd to Ramenskoye), MCD-4 "Kievsko-Gorkovsky" (from Aprelevka to Zheleznodorozhny) and MCD-5 "Yaroslavsko-Paveletsky" (from Pushkino to Domodedovo).


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