How the health of volunteers for vaccine trials is monitored

September 15

Those who first volunteered and consented to take part in the vaccine research have already been vaccinated for the coronavirus, reports the Moscow emergency response centre on the coronavirus situation control and monitoring.

“From the moment of the first vaccinations onward, specialists will monitor the health of the participants in post-registration trials with medical workers keeping in constant contact with the volunteers. A special mobile application has been designed at the initiative of the Russian Health Ministry. Each of the participants will be able to use a communication format that suits them – either via the mobile app, over the phone or through remote medical technologies,” the centre added. Some of the volunteers will be given electronic medical bracelets that record body temperature, pulse, oxygen levels in their blood, blood pressure and diagnostics others. All information about the patient’s health condition is automatically downloaded to the patient’s electronic medical record. 

The volunteers are also helped in installing a simple and easy-to-use mobile application. The patients will be able to enter information about their health condition that will be transferred to medics online. The volunteers will be able to select symptoms from a list and enter the date of their emergence and note other changes in their health that appeared after the vaccination. Also, volunteers should also enter detailed information about which medicaments they are taking and whether they are undergoing additional medical treatment.

During the first three days following their vaccination, volunteers will be regularly contacted by specialists by phone or via a tele-conference calls to find out about their condition. Afterwards, specialists will also keep regular contact with trail participants. In the event that a volunteer will experience some ailment, they can contact a specialist in any way convenient for them – through a mobile application, via remote technologies or by phone.

The Government of Moscow and the Gamaleya National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Health Ministry invite Moscow residents to take part in the post-registration clinical trials of the vaccine for COVID-19. The trials will involve 40,000 people. The vaccination is free of charge.

Any adult Russian national with Moscow Mandatory Medical Insurance, who has had no acute respiratory viral diseases the previous two weeks before the trails began and who is feeling well at the moment of vaccination, can volunteer. He or she must be COVID-19 negative and have had no contacts with coronavirus patients at least two weeks prior to the trials. Women must confirm that they are not pregnant. Both men and women are cautioned against conceiving within three months following the vaccination. The trails last for 180 days.

The results received will help the vaccine gain permanent registration allowing it to be made accessible to even more people, including those over 60. 

The vaccine has successfully undergone two stages of clinical research and has demonstrated that it is safe. It does not contain the actual virus, which means it is impossible to contract the virus or infect others. Those vaccinated will generate antibodies, that is, their bodies are building up immunity to the virus. It is vital to note that the body reacts to the vaccine like it would to any other inoculation.


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