How the center for vaccination of foreigners in Luzhniki operates

July 29
Сoronavirus: official information

The vaccination center in Luzhniki was opened in the capital early July. It is mainly intended to serve foreign citizens, but Russians can also get vaccinated here. Tens of thousands of people were vaccinated against coronavirus infection here since the beginning of the center operation.

Assistance in filling out documents, clear navigation, attention to patients and friendly atmosphere — this information is about how the vaccination center for foreign citizens operates in Moscow.

The main thing about vaccination in Luzhniki

The Luzhniki Center is open daily from 08:30 to 22:00. Every day doctors and nurses see citizens from all over the world — the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Medical workers are assisted by employees of the centers for public services and the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow Population.

Vaccination costs 1300 rubles for foreigners. They can pay for the service on the site in a special payment terminal. Vaccination is free for Russian citizens.


According to him, citizens of the CIS countries, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and others, are the most often visitors of the vaccination center. In addition, Europeans, as well as people from Asia and Africa are vaccinated in Luzhniki. "I decided to get vaccinated myself — I don't want to get sick. I liked it here: everything is well organized and done without delay, there were no queues. In general, everything is arranged at the highest level, " Tatyana Hoteeva from Kazakhstan says.

Who helps

Navigation in the center is thoroughly elaborated to the finest details: first, to avoid intersection of visitors and queues formation, and secondly, for foreigners with poor Russian to easily move around. However, it is impossible to get lost here: administrators or social assistants (employees of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Moscow Population) meet visitors and accompany them from stage to stage.

"Administrators help visitors draw up the required documents: contract, questionnaire and consent to vaccination. Then they escort visitors to the payment area and the doctor's examination area. The doctor carefully studies the questionnaire data, takes temperature and blood pressure, collects information about diseases in the past and makes a decision about the possibility or impossibility of vaccination," Andrey Fedoruk says.

Vaccination is done by nurses, and the vaccination data is entered into the information system by employees of the capital's public services centers. This is done to remove the burden of additional work from the medical staff.


Employees of My Documents offices also help in other vaccination points: in Gostiny Dvor, Healthy Moscow pavilions, city polyclinics and My Health consulting rooms in flagship offices.

The vaccination center strictly follows the rules of epidemiological safety. Freezers are installed for storing the vaccine and warehouses for personal protective equipment, disinfecting wipes and disinfectants are arranged.

With care for everyone

The vaccination center treats with care both visitors and employees. There are special rest rooms, rooms for taking meals and changing rooms for the staff.


Svetlana Istomina notes that employees of the civil headquarters also help doctors and nurses at the vaccination center in Gostiny Dvor.

Nurses of the vaccination center in Luzhniki say that most often people ask whether it will be painfull to get vaccinated. But they are experienced people, they know how to calm down patients and find the right approach to them.

The center’s visitors also praise friendliness and help of the staff. This is especially important here, because not all foreigners speak Russian.




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