Houses of merchants and manufacturers: restoration of the complex of historical buildings in Korobeynikov Lane begins

July 13

Complex works on restoration and preservation of historical buildings of the Ivan Butikov Manufactory association have begun in Moscow. These are two manor buildings in Korobeynikov Lane. 

In the main house (house 1/2, building 4) in the XVII century, there were residential palaty (type of old Russian residential stone building) of the chamber of commerce taxable member Fyodor Korobeynikov, and since the end of the XIX century - the hall of the Association of Manufactories Board.

And in the second building (house 1/2, building 3), which was built in 1864, there was a kitchen. Both houses are of historical and architectural value and have the status of an identified object of cultural heritage and landmark buildings of regional significance.

"These houses play an important role for the appearance of the Khamovniki district. Under the supervision of our department, specialists are carrying out the first stage of restoration: they remove the late layers of paint from walls, put the bricks in order, carry out work to strengthen the foundations and walls, treat the surfaces with special compositions. Then the most important stage will begin - work inside the premises, including with the preserved decor, as well as the restoration of lost elements. We assume that next year Muscovites will be able to see the updated landmark buildings, " Alexey Yemelyanov, Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, said.

Specialists will restore the baroque window frames of the 18th century, doors, white stone stairs, fireplace, stove fittings and parquet floors, as well as restore the destroyed details of cornices, window sills and other decorative elements.

The main house with a history

The manor house, on the territory of which the houses are located, has been known since the 17th century. It has repeatedly changed owners and was rebuilt. At the heart of the two-story main house (building 4) there are the palaty of the 17th century. Once they were occupied by a representative of a privileged estate mercantile corporation, Fyodor Korobeynikov.

Since the end of the 18th century, the house was owned by the court counselor’s wife Praskovya Ushakova, and in the middle of the 19th century it passed to the merchant Ivan Butikov. 

In 1882, Butikov started a large-scale reconstruction, adding industrial and residential premises to the main house.

On the site of the eastern stone extension, a new one was built - with a basement, a front entrance from Korobeynikov Lane and a two-story staircase. The new part, built according to the project of the architect P. P. Yershov, was intended for the hall of the Association of Manufactories Board.

Now in the main house, restorers are busy restoring the brickwork of the facade, walls and arches, removing the paint layers from the house arches, strengthening the foundation and dismantling fragments of the late roof. Then they will start working inside the building. 

In the basement, it is planned to restore the vaults, the pechuras (niches on the inner surface of the walls), doorways and the floor. On the ground and first floors, work will be carried out to restore the interiors of the enfilades. The steps of the porch and the preserved stucco details of the facades will also be restored.

Beauvais kitchen building

The kitchen building of the Association of Manufactories (building 3) was built in 1864 by the architect Mikhail Bove (the younger brother of Osip Bove). And in 1882, a passage from the main building of the manor house was added to it.

At the moment, the roof is being repaired in the house, the brickwork and the white stone basement are being restored. In course of the work, it is also planned to restore the window openings, the faceted chimney and the white stone slabs of the window sill.

The restoration of historical buildings is an important part of the urban environment improvement. Many cultural heritage sites are gaining a new life, they are being adapted for modern use, but at the same time the image of Moscow is preserved.


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