Holders of Moscow Doctor status about their profession

October 14, 2020

212 specialists from city hospitals and policlinics such as urologists, surgeons, pediatricians, neonatologists, ambulance workers and psychiatrists, have been awarded the honorary status of Moscow Doctor.  Prevailing among them this year are ambulance doctors, neurologists, and anesthesiologists-reanimatologists. Since 2017, a total of 1,200 doctors practicing 28 specialties have received the status.

Maxim Mishin, Press Service of the Mayor and Moscow Government

Getting the honorary status

To become a Moscow Doctor, medical workers have to sit an exam and thereafter, his or her level of knowledge will be assessed by an independent expert commission. The examinees have to tackle case problems and practical assignments and take a specialty test consisting of several thousands of questions.

Each aspirant has demonstrated a high level of expertise and skills, passing various tests, including on special simulators. Those deserving the status were picked by a commission composed of chief external experts of the Moscow Department of Healthcare.    

The main reason why the Moscow Doctor status is awarded is to encourage those seeking to expand their professional outlook and raise their level of competences.

Moscow Doctor privileges

The honorary status has been awarded since 2017. To qualify for the status, a specialist must have a medical diploma and no less than five years’ experience of practical work. Successful examinees are issued a Moscow Doctor certificate valid for five years together with a badge of distinction.  

Moscow Doctors get paid an extra 15,000 roubles a month. A multidisciplinary specialist with the same status per each specialty is entitled to extra pay for each of these.

Moscow Doctors can automatically get a qualification grade pegged to their seniority. For this, they have to submit to an attestation commission their Moscow Doctor certificate and the required documents on their working and professional career. The grade is awarded automatically, with applicants exempted from taking an attestation exam.  

Source: mos.ru

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