History of transport in one train: Circle Line runs a themed train

May 16

On 15 May, the Moscow metro's birthday, a themed train started running along the Circle Line. The display inside will tell passengers about the history of transport. Its launch is timed to the 210th anniversary of the unified transport agency and transport education of Russia’s foundation.

"While on the train, the passengers will find out interesting facts and events related to the history of transport," Russian Minister of Transport Yevgeny Ditrikh said.

Themed Rusich train has five double carriages. During the trip, passengers will learn about the development of sea, river, urban, railway, air transport and road facilities covering more than two centuries — since the establishment of the Water and Land Communications Department and the Railway Engineer Corps in 1809. Inside the train, you will find illustrations, historical references about vehicles and the achievements of industry leaders.

In a carriage dedicated to railway transport, citizens will learn about Cherepanov steam locomotive, modern high-speed Sapsan train and Tsarskoye Selo railway station. Another carriage's display will tell about sea transport, Stepan Makarov, an outstanding figure of the industry, the Russian Bridge in Vladivostok and 50 Let Pobedy (Fiftieth Anniversary of Victory) nuclear-powered icebreaker. 'Aviation' part of the train will introduce to the activities of Nikolai Zhukovsky, the founder of modern hydro aerodynamics, the world's first TU-144 passenger supersonic airliner and the new Simferopol International Airport.

The train will be running for six months.

"Themed train was launched on Circle Line as it is one of the most popular ones. Within six months, it will carry more than two million passengers. Thanks to special design, they will learn more about transport and famous historical figures," Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov said.

Launch of the themed train coincided with the 84th anniversary of the Moscow metro opening. On 15 May 1935, trains started to run the first line from Sokolniki to Park Kultury station (including Smolenskaya station branch).

Over the years, the Moscow metro has become the main transport of the capital. It is safe, comfortable and affordable. Since 2010, more than 70 new stations have been opened, their number has increased by almost 40 percent — it is a record-breaking development figure even compared to Soviet times. Currently, Moskva trains have been actively purchased, and passenger services developed.

Source: mos.ru

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