Historical footage and photos of valuable artefacts: new exhibits added to the online catalogue of Moscow museums

November 14, 2019

Museum Moscow online, the online catalogue of Moscow museums, has been replenished with 10,000 new exhibits. The portal has over 37,000 pictures of items from museum holdings, as Sergei Sobyanin announced in his VKontakte account.


There are photos of ancient engravings of the 16th–18th centuries, Marina Tsvetayeva's bracelet, the renowned painting 'Lacemaker' by Vasily Tropinin, and much more. Besides, the website offers digitised exhibits of 108 exhibitions.

''Museum Moscow online keeps developing, telling Internet users about the treasures of Moscow museums. Thanks to this resource, anyone can learn insightful facts about Moscow history and the life of its citizens, and view artworks by acclaimed photographers and artists. This project is a perfect example of how digital technology makes culture and art even more accessible for citizens, including the young audience, who prefer online education,' said Sergei Shakryl, culture and tourism IT project officer of the Moscow Department of Information Technology.

In 2019, the Museum of Moscow has made its greatest contribution to the online collection development, uploading 7,321 digitised exhibits. In particular, photos from the 'Moscow Fabrics' exhibition dedicated to textile production development have been recently added. The exhibition runs until 15 December, but some content is available online. These are historical photographs taken at Krasnye Tekstilshchiki and Krasnaya Roza factories, and pictures of fabric samples of the 1950s and 1960s.

Moreover, the Museum of Moscow's web page has archival photos of Yuri Gagarin, pictures with Moscow views taken at different times and much more.

Multimedia Art Museum has added over 800 exhibits to the online collection, with Mikhail Grachyov's photos from the 'Soviet Everyday Life'. 1930s-1960s' series, which show Moscow during the Great Patriotic War, post-war housing development and everyday life of the USSR.

Another new catalogue's display is an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian photography classic Evgeny Umnov. You will see photos by Yelena Obraztsova, Yuri Levitan, Maya Plisetskaya, Marlene Dietrich, Valentina Tereshkova and other renowned figures.

This year, the portal's online collection has also been supplemented by Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad (381 exhibits), Museum of Zelenograd (124 exhibits), the Moscow Paustovsky Literary Museum Centre (202 exhibits), the State Museum of the Defence of Moscow (115 exhibits), the State Museum of Ceramics and Kuskovo Estate of the 18th century (113 exhibits) and others.

''Museum Moscow online catalogue presents not only holdings of the most visited venues, but also unique exhibits of chamber museums. Replenishment of the catalogue and opening of new online exhibitions will allow to gain insight into the variety of Moscow museums,' Moscow Department of Culture told.

The online catalogue of the Moscow Museum holdings is a joint project by the Moscow Department of Culture and the Information Technology Department. Museum Moscow online offers user-friendly advanced search across fields such as country, author, date and material. Users can visit virtual exhibitions and view high-resolution images of exhibits. Muscovites have chosen the name for the project on the Active Citizen portal.

To date, 35 Moscow museums and exhibition spaces have joined the project. The museums that added the largest number of exhibits to the portal are the Timiryazev State Biological Museum (15,600), the Museum of Moscow museum association (8,500), Multimedia Complex of Contemporary Arts (2,100), Kuzminki-Lyublino State Museum Reserve (about 1,000) and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall (about 1,000).

Over time, the portal developers will design a version for visually impaired users and make a guide for a virtual tour of Moscow museums.

Source: mos.ru

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