Healthcare, security, economy: world experts confirms Moscow's compliance with the standards of sustainable cities

May 20
Economy and entrepreneurship

Moscow has been certified according to ISO 37120-2018 Sustainable Cities and Communities and has confirmed its compliance with international requirements for the city standard of living and development. According to Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor, independent experts evaluated 68 indicators in such areas as the economy, innovation, health, education, transport and security.

ISO 37120 is an international standard that sets out the main indicators of the life quality and the provision of urban amenities. It has been implemented or is being implemented in more than 100 cities of 35 countries. Among the megapolises certified according to ISO 37120 are London, Dubai, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Sydney and Toronto.

"Each city is analyzed for a whole set of parameters. An unbiased assessment of experts and the opportunity to compare the results with other megapolises help to see their advantages from the outside and determine those areas that require additional attention. The certificate we received confirms that Moscow meets the high international standards of sustainable development," Natalia Sergunina said.

According to her, obtaining this certificate allows you to apply for further certification according to ISO 37122-2019 Smart Cities and 37123-2019 Resilient Cities standards.

The ISO 37120 standard takes into account most of the indicators that reflect the city's commitment to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals - from the efficiency of resources use to the level of urban infrastructure and urban management systems development. Standardization provides a unified approach to assessing the quality of life.

"The availability of ISO 37120 certificate is taken into account in significant international rankings that assess the integrated development of cities, for example, in the Cities in Motion index of the University of Navarre Business School. Moscow is also perceived by international rating agencies and experts as a city that strives for data openness according to international standards," Kirill Purtov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Development of the City, said.

For the first time, the ISO 37120 standard was published in 2014. Four years later, after analyzing the wishes of the cities and eliminating the errors revealed, it was modified.

The ISO 37120-2018 standard includes indicators grouped by 19 sectors of urban infrastructure and urban management. Taking into account the differences in resources and capabilities of different cities around the world, the indicators are divided into two groups: the main ones (they must be calculated and submitted to the certifying party mandatorily) and the auxiliary ones (they are recommended).

The presented indicators undergo a double audit: first, they are checked by specialists of the World Council on Cities Data (WCCD), and then - by independent experts. They evaluate not only the correctness and relevance of the indicators themselves, but also the method of their calculation.


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