Grates with light prisms back to their original place in Ananyevsky Pereulok after repairs

October 23

The old pavement grates with light prisms, found during repair work  in Ananyevsky Pereulok, were done up and put back where they belonged.

“Two unique cast iron pavement grates with light prism inserts were found under asphalt during pavement repairs. One of them turned out to be almost intact, but rather rusty, with only remnants of the light prisms. The other one was far worse. The portholes and part of the grate itself were damaged,” said Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov.

These discoveries were handed over to be done up. The process took about a month and a half but by that time they looked how they had once appeared. The grates had to be cleaned and the rust removed. Following this the fractures were repaired and imitation light prisms were made of triplex glass and installed.

“In order to return the grates to where they originally were, a waterproofed concrete base was made in the pavement. This was deepened so that a special metal frame and the cast iron grates placed on it were the same level as the pavement,” the deputy mayor added.

Pyotr Biryukov stressed that the grates with portholes will not play the same role as before which was a source of daylight. Now they will become another sight near Sretenka Street.

The deputy mayor recalled that more than 10 similar window bars were found in 2015 during repair work onMyasnitskaya Street. After restoration, two of them were placed on a special podium in the same place, and the rest were transferred to the Museum of Moscow for storage.

Later, similar artifacts were found in other areas of the city.


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