Golden Autumn festival to run a vintage tractor exhibition

October 1, 2019

4-13 October, the passage from Manezhnaya Square to Revolyutsii Square is to host the exhibition 'Pulling Power Evolution: from Plough to Modern Machinery' as part of the Golden Autumn festival.

It will display tractors produced in the USSR and Russia, the USA, Italy, Germany and Austria, including 21 exhibits from the Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History.

'The tractors will be delivered from Cheboksary to Moscow by six trucks, departing on 1 October in the morning. The exhibition will be mounted in the night to be ready to welcome guests on 4 October. We are going to present the entire production line at the Golden Autumn festival: from the oldest exhibit of our Museum, Fordson tractor produced in 1917, to the cutting-edge machinery made in the 21st century,' said the exhibition’s curator, Head of the Museum Albert Sergeyev.

Unusual exhibits will include the American tractor John Deere D produced in 1924. It has a very loud engine, hence the nickname 'huffing Johnny'.  Tilling wheel tractor STZ 15/30 of 1931 is the first Russian conveyor-made machine. As for DT-54 of 1947, it is the first Soviet tilling tracked diesel tractor. You can see it in the films 'It Happened in Penkovo' and 'Knight's Move'.

Vladimirets 2032-10 is one of the most state-of-the-art exhibits. Produced in 2005, this tractor was registered in the Guinness Book of Records, having travelled 21,199 km from Vladimir to Vladivostok and back without a single failure.

Science and Technology Museum of Tractor History opened in Cheboksary in 2011. To date, it displays 50 unique vehicles, kept in running order.

Golden Autumn food festival is part of Moscow Seasons series. In 2018, over a thousand manufacturers from 55 Russian regions took part in the festival, with 6.5 million people attending. They purchased 40 tons of fish and seafood, 35 tons of cheese and other dairy products, and 8.5 tons of meat delicacies.

This year, the event is going to be about innovations in agriculture. More than a thousand venues will open for Moscow residents and guests.


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