Gingerbread houses and gold leaf honey: Journey to Christmas treats

December 14, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

Christmas tree decorations and home decor, unique handmade souvenirs, winter accessories, specialties to add to your festive foods — you can buy everything and much more at the Journey to Christmas festival to take place 13 December till 12 January at dozens of venues around Moscow.

This year, the festival's trade program will bring together manufacturers from 55 regions of Russia and 22 countries of the world. Journey to Christmas will open 450 chalets.

Christmas gingerbread from Strasbourg and handmade ceramics

Manezhaya Square and the passage from Manezhnaya Square to Revolyutsii Square have in store one of the most unusual shopping programs. Here you will find the best goods and products from European Christmas markets.

So, a family company founded in 1768 will bring a variety of gingerbread shaped as hearts, animal figures and toys from Strasbourg. The most famous, Mannel, is a gingerbread man. In Alsace, such gingerbread traditionally decorate Christmas trees. These treats will cost RUB 40 - and more.

Another French manufacturer will deliver to Moscow original handmade ceramic pottery from Alsace, too (this time from Soufflenheim), both beautiful, and durable. This heat-resistant dishware is perfect to bake pies, pates, French gratin, terrine or stuffed roast goose.

Bohemian glass and Belgian truffles

Danish manufacturers will supply warm slippers made of natural felt. The Czech Republic will bring children's toys.

Besides, you can buy items made of the famous Bohemian glass (first mentioned in 1162), Lithuanian woollen blankets, postcards, decor made by Danish artists, Czech thin wafers (vanilla, chestnut, almond, orange, coffee, chocolate & chili and many others), Lomnica crackers (unique product manufactured in the Czech city of Lomnica only) with hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts, Nuremberg gingerbread (they boast a plenty of nuts and next to nothing amount of flour), traditional German Christmas Stollen, Belgian truffles, marshmallows and chocolate sweets. They will also bring a variety of Austrian products (Styrian pumpkin seed oil the Austrians proudly call 'green gold', acacia honey with red walnuts, gold leaf honey and chocolate cream honey with cocoa nibs).

Embroidered mittens and Crimean sweets

Other festival venues have many pleasant surprises in store, too.

You will find forged souvenirs, lamps and stained glass Christmas decorations, handmade lace ornaments, Christmas wreaths and gingerbread houses in Kamergersky Pereulok.

Rozhdestvenka Street will offer cute handmade textile dolls, wooden home decor, Christmas tree decorations, soft and educational toys (such as self-propelled 3D construction blocks).

Sirenevy Boulevard in Troitsk will present handmade wooden souvenirs such as Christmas tree decorations, boxes, decorative items, candle holders and lanterns. Here you can also buy textile toys, handmade ceramics, embroidered mittens, down shawls, a variety of Crimean teas and sweets.

Shopping chalets in Orekhovy Boulevard will have figures of fairy-tale characters, character masks, souvenir and interior dolls, doll caskets, porcelain, Crimean sweets including herb and fruit jam, marmalade, Turkish delight, sweets, pastila, candied fruit, tea, and lavender products (sachets, scented candles, syrup, honey and powder).

Designer hats and handmade valenki

On Yunosti Square in Zelenograd you will find original Christmas wreaths, bouquets and candles. Youngest visitors will like Teddy bears, felt toys and vintage dolls. The site located in the Boulevard zone of the 16th Neighbourhood of Zelenograd will present unique souvenirs made of glass, clay, wood, textiles and wool.

Designer hats and scarves, handmade Christmas decorations, wooden puzzles, art puzzles and handmade Christmas candles will wait for you in Gorodetskaya Street.

Profsoyuznaya Street will also offer hats, scarves and snoods with fancy prints, educational rollover toys, music boxes, Christmas decorations made of wild silver fir.

Buy Christmas bells, hand-painted Christmas tree decorations, character masks, souvenir and interior dolls in Matveyevskaya Street. Do not miss meat specialties, Izborsk shaped gingerbread, pastila and sweets by Vologda Confectionery Factory.

Visit Leningradskoye Highway to buy candlesticks, vases, glasses, hand-painted Christmas decorations made of glass, traditional cotton wool Christmas toys.

Khachaturyana Street will offer visitors handmade cotton wool toys produced according to an old technique. Besides, you will find here handmade valenki (felt boots), unique Christmas tree toys, educational eco toys, gingerbread, 'Space' and 'New Year' 3D lollipops, and space tubed food.

Timiryazevskaya Street will present dolls produced by Ivanovo Toy Factory, souvenirs, interior wooden decor and sweet gifts such as candy and glazed shortbread.

Buy Christmas gift sets made in the South of Russia (fragrant tea, jam and sweets) in Svyatoozyorskaya Street.

Shopping chalets on Slavy Square will offer kitchen utensils, toy mice (a symbol of 2020), handmade woollen products, unique dolls in traditional garments, Christmas bell bundles, Christmas ribbon balls, desserts and confectionery.

This year, winter festival Journey to Christmas will run from 13 December till 12 January on about 40 festival venues in different Moscow districts. The main festivities will take place on Manezhnaya and Red squares, Novy Arbat Street and others. The venues will be open daily, 11:00 am till 09:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

The festival will offer beautiful Christmas trees and magic light installations, ice shows, theatrical performances and concerts, as well as crafts and sporting master classes.  You are welcome to learn to play curling or snowboarding.

Last winter, the record-breaking 18.6 million guests attended Journey to Christmas to make it the largest festival in Europe. Some 90,000 participants joined its annual quest and got about 85,000 gifts, including cinema tickets, fashion accessories and sweets.


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