'Geometrisms. 1950–2010s' exhibition in the New Tretyakov Gallery

November 16, 2019

The New Tretyakov Gallery opens the exhibition 'Geometrisms. 1950–2010s' with about 130 works on display. These are paintings, graphic art and sculptures supplemented with biographical references and author's quotes.

Visitors will view works by Vladimir Andreyenkov, Ruben Apresyan, Tatiana Badanina, Alyona Kirtsova, Vladimir Nemukhin, Eduard Steinberg, Alexander Yulikov and Valery Yurlov. Belonging to different generations, the artists share their passion for geometric abstraction. This avant-garde trend is based on imaged created by combining various geometric shapes, coloured planes, straight and broken lines.  

The exhibition traces avant-garde art's evolvement since the 1950s.

In Europe and the United States, geometric abstraction revived after World War II, triggered by emerging minimalism and op art. It had a great impact on modern architecture, design, industrial and decorative arts, with acting as a trigger.

In Russia, abstraction art originated in the mid-1950s among non-mainstream artists. They learned the language of geometric abstraction from the Russian avant-garde followers, and gained an insight into this new trend visiting the Tretyakov Gallery holdings and reading foreign magazines.

The exhibition runs until 12 January 2020.

Source: mos.ru

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