Garden Ring gets 70 new wireless access points

September 8
Municipal services

About 70 new free city Wi-Fi access points are available on the streets within the Garden Ring, Moscow’s Department of Information Technology has reported.

The additional access points are on Tverskaya Street and the Boulevard Ring. Thus, the Wi-Fi coverage area now provides even more stable wireless internet for users.

“Due to the increased number of access points, the coverage on these streets has become seamless: while moving around the city centre, people can use the city Wi-Fi uninterruptedly, without having always to be reconnecting to the network. We will continue to expand the coverage of the Garden Ring. Plans call for installing 300 additional access points before the yearend,” pointed out Alexander Kharitonov, head of the City Wi-Fi project at the Department of Information Technology.

Being online at museums and libraries

The decision to create a Wi-Fi network on the central streets was adopted in 2016. Work began on Tverskaya Street, as well as on Tverskoi and Tsvetnoi boulevards. By City Day in 2016, there were 200 access points and 910 more by the end of the year.

Moscow currently has over 19,800 free Wi-Fi access points, with 3,000 of them being inside the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road. In addition to this, Wi-Fi is available in 162 dorms of 32 universities with 11,600 access points.

Almost 3,900 access points are located in cultural institutions. One can now connect to free Wi-Fi in 365 libraries (some 2,400 access points), 203 houses of culture (941 access points), 17 city museums (407 access points), 13 Moskino cinemas and the Eldar cinema club and museum (62 access points).

In order to connect to the free Moscow internet, a user simply needs to pick Moscow_WiFi_Free on the list of accessible networks, then open the browser and undergo identification using their account or phone number (using a text message with an access code). Then people only need to log into the Wi-Fi network by pressing the Get Access button. The identification process repeats once in three months; the authorisation is only needed once. The identification of users of public Wi-Fi is required by Russian law.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the free city Wi-Fi, please call the integrated tech support on +7 800 300 6989. The service operates around the clock.


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