From wooden architecture to modern hospitals: Features on Moscow’s interactive map

January 21

There’ll be about 30 new things on Moscow’s interactive map, says Sergei Lyovkin, Head of the Urban Development Department.

“Moscow’s interactive map is a signature project of the House in Brestskaya congress and exhibition centre of Mosstroyinform state-owned institution. One can put various topic-based layers on the map using projectors thus creating new lecture and excursion scenarios,” he explained.

The interactive map has six high-resolution projectors, a screen consisting of 27 plasma display panels and also sound equipment. Pictures on special topics are projected on the screen. Audiences can for example see which roads have been repaired and when, newly constructed metro stations, projected transport hubs, unique urban development facilities and many other things too.

Anybody can explore Moscow using the map via.

The multimedia facility is located at the information centre at: 6 2nd Brestskaya Street. It’s been working even during the pandemic. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. Small groups are allowed by appointment only. Call +7 (499) 250 35 82. All visitors must observe social distancing and use PPE.

Mosstroyinform developed 11 new additions last year including the Moscow Kremlin,  VDNKh, government facilities, famous skyscrapers and embassy buildings. All proved to be rather popular. There are plans to write and update about 30 scenarios based on new topics. One of them, for example, will deal with buildings where famous authors, poets, artists, composers, theatre professionals, scientists and politicians have lived and worked,” noted Sergei Lyovkin.

One of the additions will be about wooden architecture, including over 100 historical and architectural landmarks that can still be found in Moscow streets.

Information on the construction of multipurpose complexes will be added to the interactive map in May. Healthcare will be another thing. It will indicate modern outpatient clinics, hospital buildings and other medical facilities being constructed in the city.

Moscow’s interactive map is the largest floor lightbox in Europe. Its area is 178 square metres. The map has a scale of 1:5,000. It covers the entire area of Moscow, including the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, and provides a visual presentation of the city together with its layout. The interactive map has been steadily developing since 2014. There are new additions made to it every year.


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