From the Kitay-gorod metro station to the Vostochny Railway station: in Moscow, another night bus runs

June 22

On June 26, a new night bus route will appear in Moscow: the bus service H15 will run between the Vostochny (Eastern) Railway Station and the Kitay-gorod metro station. The time interval will be 30 minutes.

The bus will make stops at:

- Kitay-gorod metro stations;

- Komsomolskaya metro stations;

- Krasnoselskaya metro station;

Sokolniki metro station;

- Vostochny (Eastern) Railway Station.

Vostochny is the main night railway station in Moscow, where up to 13 night buses stop. Thanks to the night bus routes, you can get to and from the Vostochny Railway Station around the clock.

Vostochny Railway Station was built in 2020–2021 as part of a major Cherkizovo transport interchange hub, which unites Cherkizovskaya station of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, the MCC Lokomotiv station and urban aboveground transport. Due to convenient location of Vostochny Railway Station, the passengers will enable to save about 40 minutes on trips.

In addition, starting from May 29, bus number 171 began to stop near the Vostochny Railway Station, following the Kamchatskaya Street - Electrozavodsky Most route.

Information about all night bus routes is available on  Mosgortrans website. 


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