From Sofia to Arya: names given to this spring's newborns

May 29
Family and youth policy

Moscow civil registry offices recorded a spring baby boom with 22,553 babies born in Moscow in March and April. This is almost 1,300 more newborns than in the first two spring months of the last year.

"There were much more newborns this March and April than the same period last year. Positive statistics show that traditional family values remain a priority for young Moscow residents," Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Yelena Yefremova said.

Girls born this March and April were most often named Alexandra, Maria and Sofia, and boys had the names of Mikhail, Alexander and Maxim. These names have been popular with Moscow citizens for several years. However, some parents have chosen unusual options.

So, in April, a married couple addressed My Documents in Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo district to register of a newborn girl with a rare name Arya, after one of the female leads of the popular 'Game of Thrones' series.

"The employee who was filling out the birth certificate was not taken aback and congratulated the couple in Valyrian (fictional language of the 'Game of Thrones' TV series). It was a pleasant surprise to Arya's parents. In response, they thanked the employee for his care and great customer experience," the Press Service of state service centres reported.

This is not the first time in Moscow that parents call their baby girls in honour of famous TV projects' characters, with these names later becoming one of the most popular among the rare ones. There are 18 girls named Arya registered over the 8 years the series is running.

By the way, Moscow boasts such rare girl names as Kupava and Agatha Maria. They were born in 2016. That year's ranking of the most unusual boy's names includes Caesar and Bartholomew. In 2017, Semiramida, Kamelia, Chloe and Lyalya were born in Moscow. Two years ago, newborn boys were named Donald, Walter, Iago and Tomislav.

In 2018,  Alexandra Jane, Capitolina, Radomira, Linda, Avgustina and Dominica were among the unusual female names. A double name of Adel-Illariya was given to a Moscow girl. Uncommon names for boys included Phil, Ustin, Martin, Pakhom and Marcel. Two boys got the names Peresvet and Dobrynya.

In Moscow, all necessary conditions for comfortable living of families with children have been provided. So, since last year, all maternity hospitals of the Moscow Healthcare Department have been distributing free gift sets for newborns. They include 44 commonly-used items suitable for both boys and girls: a mattress, a blanket, diapers, rompers, bathing towel with a mitten, nappies, crawlers, bodysuits, electronic thermometer, and more. Find the full layette list here.

Since last year, maternity hospitals have also been offering a child's birth certificate registration. It is issued by the hospital's medical personnel right upon leaving the hospital at 13 medical institutions of Healthcare Department. Parents only need to submit the required documents. This service is expected to be provided by all Moscow maternity hospitals soon.


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