From scooters to artificial hearts: facts about Technopolis Moscow

June 8
Economy and entrepreneurship


Technopolis Moscow was recognized as the best special economic zone (SEZ) of Russia in 2020. This is not just one of the production sites of the capital, but a real center for the development of innovative technologies. Residents of the Technopolis Moscow create modern medicines and components for space and the preferential rate of income tax and access to duty-free imports allow us to effectively develop production. What is unique about the special economic zone you can find out in the material

Special legal status and benefits

Technopolis Moscow is a special economic zone, that is, a territory with a unique legal status. Its activities are regulated by a special federal law, which gives the right to economic preferences.

Technopolis residents have special tax rates. For example, companies are exempted from paying property, land and transport taxes for 10 years, as well as the regional part of the income tax (which is 17 percent!). For assignments to state budget, there is a preferential rate - two percent instead of the standard three. Companies can invest the money saved on paying taxes in equipment upgrades and scientific research.

Moreover, the Technopolis residents are also entitled to customs privileges - duty-free import of equipment and materials. Thanks to all the support measures, they were able to save more than 687 million rubles in the three quarters of 2020.

Support is not limited to reduced tax rates. Technopolis companies can also buy out the plot of ground they are located on at a price equal to one percent of the cadastral value. And new members of the special economic zone can receive information and marketing support.

There is even a separate customs station inside the Technopolis - so companies can obtain customs permit for goods directly on the SEZ territory.

180 companies and hundreds of job opportunities

The Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone is the only one in the capital. Today, it has five sites with a total area of 223.3 hectares: one is located in Pechatniki, and four more - in Zelenograd.

More than 180 companies work at the Technopolis sites, of which more than 80 have the status of a resident. It produces electronics, energy-efficient and medical equipment, nanomaterials and many other things. Over the past year, the Technopolis residents have created more than a thousand job opportunities for Moscow. The leaders were microelectronics enterprises, companies specializing in energy-efficient technologies, as well as medical industries.

In 2020, 22 companies received the status of the Moscow SEZ resident, and over the next 10 years they will invest about 18 billion rubles in the development of their projects and create about three thousand more jobs.

Microchips for space satellites

On the Technopolis Moscow SEZ territory a variety of products is produced - from veterinary drugs to mine-clearing robotic systems. They also produce equipment for the rocket and space sphere. For example, the Angstrem company creates microchips for spacecraft, and the Electroninvest group of companies produces power sources that are protected from cosmic radiation. Without these technologies, no Russian satellite could fly.

New developments ensure the safety of not only equipment, but also people. For example, the Butis company produces radio frequency filters for cosmonauts ' headsets. At the production site, components are also prepared for satellite communication systems, police radio stations, traffic controllers, military personnel, guidance systems and security devices.

This year, a center for designing microchips for spacecraft and broadband communication systems will be opened at the SEZ site. The production of electronics will be conducted by the Elvis Research and Production Center, which is known not only in Russia, but also abroad - among its clients there are companies from the UK, Korea, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

Artificial heart and X-ray for blood

A significant part of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone is occupied by medical production. However, SEZ companies have become not just a reliable production base, but triggers for innovative developments in this sphere. For example, the Technopolis residents created the first artificial heart for children in Russia and patented an X-ray for blood.

In the fall of 2020, a pharmaceutical enterprise for the production of cancer drugs was put into operation at the Alabushevo site.

A new plant is also being built there, where the production of more than 50 vital medicines for the treatment and prevention of endocrine, oncology and cardiac diseases will be commercialized. A number of drugs were not previously produced in Russia at all.

In addition, another plant for the production of oncology drugs has been launched in Technopolis Moscow - the first stage of the pharmaceutical complex has already been put into operation. The company plans to produce about 120 types of medicines for the treatment of neurological and oncology diseases.

It is planned that the plant will produce up to 100 million packages of various dosage units per year. The first batches are expected in August, and production is expected to reach full capacity in 2022. Investments in this project exceeded one billion rubles.

Only in the first nine months of 2020, the SEZ produced products worth 12.5 billion rubles - this is a quarter more than in the same period of 2019. 9.4 billion rubles were provided by microelectronics enterprises, and in second place were manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment - the quantity of output amounted to 908 million rubles.

In total, during its existence, the Moscow Special Economic Zone produced products worth almost 76 billion rubles.

New personnel for high-tech professions

In addition to production, the capital's Technopolis is actively engaged in education and training of professional personnel. After education and training the graduates are successfully employed by the SEZ residents.

The basic department of the Moscow State Educational Complex in the Special Economic Zone trains students of high-tech specialties: Mechanical Engineering Technologies, Information Technologies, Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Pharmacy and Geodesy.

In 2020, students admission for training in the Additive Process speciality was opened at the Technopolis site. Graduates who have studied 3D printing technologies will be able to work in computer design, operation and maintenance of additive installations, as well as finishing processing of objects using software-controlled machines.

...and scooter rental

There are 21 scooter stations on the territory of Technopolis Moscow. The company employees can rent more than 100 scooters for free. The function of the service is not only entertaining - it helps to save time. The territory of the Zelenograd site covers 140 hectares, and about 20 companies have several facilities in Pechatniki district. And the scooters allow them to move quickly between office and production facilities.


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