From registry offices to palaces. Arranging ceremonial marriage registrations in Moscow

November 27, 2021

At the end of the 1950s, the idea of the ceremonial registration of marriage began to develop in Moscow. This is evidenced by documents from the Mossovet fund, kept in the collection of the Moscow Main Archive Department. At that time, the country was recovering from the consequences of the war and returning to its usual peaceful life.

For the first time, the ceremonial process of marriage was talked about in 1944, but martial law did not allow the introduction of a new order. This issue was returned to in the late 1950s. The Moscow City Council issued a resolution on November 24, 1959, which marked the beginning of the marriages registration in separate buildings that were specially designed and equipped for this purpose.

The Architectural and Planning Department, the Civil Registry Office Department and the Non-Residential Premises Department had to come up with ideas for placing interdistrict civil registry offices in Moscow in two weeks, and then submit it to the Moscow City Council. The main feature of such bureaus was that they had to be located in existing mansions. If this was not possible, then it was planned to build new buildings with a solemn interior, a service room and a banquet hall with a kitchen. The projects development was entrusted to the Architectural and Planning Department, proposals had to be provided in two months.

In addition, the Moscow City Council involved other interested organizations in the development of proposals. The City Planning Committee was engaged in financing, and the Capital Construction Department of the Moscow City Executive Committee took over the execution of contracts for project work.

Since 1959, other improvements have begun in the field of ceremonial wedding. Wedding palaces began to be opened, where only weddings were organized. In Moscow, such a palace appeared in 1961, queues of newlyweds began to line up in it. The usual ceremonies in the premises of the Civil Registry Office or the Ministry of Internal Affairs have faded into insignificance.

Now you can get married not only in the Civil Registry Office or in the Wedding Palace, but also at one of more than 35 offsites in significant, popular and unusual places of the capital. The most popular of them are the Royal, Spiridonov and Volkhonka mansions, the OKO tower, the temple of Matrona of Moscow. You can choose a convenient platform on the New Addresses of Happiness website of the special project. You can send in an application for marriage online via or a integrated portal of public services, as well as personally in the Civil Registry Office Department.

Rooms of the bride and groom, photo zones and halls for marriage registration with exquisite interiors are available for newlyweds in Moscow. The hosts of the ceremonies prepare a special speech. The couple can choose a musical accompaniment, invite a photographer and a videographer.

In addition, now it is possible to register not solemn marriage in all 134 centers of My Documents public services. Specialists in the ‘window’ will help you to fill out an application for marriage. And in the three flagships (EAD, NAD and SEAD), you can get married in specially equipped halls with photo zones. Thus, the number of places for marriage has more than doubled. My Documents centers are located within walking distance and are created according to the unified standards of comfort.


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