From medicines to microelectronics: production to be launched in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ in 2022

January 3
Economy and entrepreneurship

At least 10 resident companies will launch production in the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in 2022. This was announced by Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

"Next year, manufacturers of medicines, medical products, microelectronics, measuring equipment, ropeway systems are preparing to start production at the special economic zone in Pechatniki and Alabushevo sites. The enterprises are at different stages of readiness for launching: some companies are just completing construction, others finalized adjusting production processes and are ready to reach full capacity. The volume of investments in these projects will amount to 10.6 billion rubles," he said.

The SEZ new plants will become a centre of attraction for qualified personnel.

"Enterprises to be opened next year will offer about one and a half thousand jobs. The most popular professions will come from medical technologies. About 70 percent of new employees will be engaged in production of pharmaceuticals and medical products," said Alexander Prokhorov, Head of Moscow Department for Investment and Industrial Policy.

The main territory for new products launching will be the Pechatniki site, where seven residents will provide a brownfield implementation (with the existing buildings).

"Residents use capabilities of existing premises with engineering infrastructure for faster launching of production. This approach requires less investment and ensures efficient operation of both large companies and small high-tech businesses. Meanwhile, funds released due to the preferential tax regime at all sites of Moscow SEZ can be invested in new developments. For the entire period of Technopolis Moscow special economic zone operation, residents saved 3.4 billion rubles," said Gennady Degtyov, General Director of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ.

The Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone includes five sites.  One of them is located in Pechatniki and four — in Zelenograd: Alabushevo, Micron, MIET, Angstrem. Their total area is 223.3 hectares.

Residents enjoy special support measures. They are exempt from paying property, transport, land tax, customs duties. The income tax rate they pay is only two percent. There are also benefits for renting land allocated for construction of an enterprise, and once it is completed, the rented land can be bought at one percent of its cadastral value.

More information about the economic policy and property and land relations in Moscow can be found on the website.


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