From Gilyarovsky's Moscow to Jaume Plensa's Barcelona. Top 10 July exhibitions

July 5

Museums and galleries do not close for summer holidays, but continue to open new exhibitions. Read about the most interesting events in and Mosgortur Agency's collaborative article.

'Theatre. Cat and Dog' in Varshavka Workshop and Gallery 

Address: 68/1 Varshavskoye Motorway

Dates: until 31 August

The new cartoon exhibition characters of the Varshavka Gallery are pets. However, the exhibition presents not just cute and funny pictures, but offers serious statements on the relationship of a man and a pet. Its curator, Chairman of the Guild of Cartoonists of the Media Union of Russia artist Andrei Ryzhov, collected the works of his colleagues from Russia and other countries in which topical satire meets with sincere love for cats, dogs and all creatures great and small.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'Bestiary 2019' at the State Darwin Museum 

Address: 57 Vavilova Street

Dates: until 1 September


The Bestiary returns to the Darwin Museum. Every summer, this project by sculptor Pyotr Khokhlovkin presents works by animal painters working in different techniques, from batik to watercolour, and in all possible styles, from realism to futurism. As with the medieval bestiary, on whose pages real creatures get along with the mystical ones, the exhibition tell about both rhinos and unicorns. This year, the exhibition combines flora and fauna, and the artist and writer Konstantin Pobedin presents a graphic series 'Brutal Emotions', where old prints from his personal collection will come to life thanks to his literary gift.

'Moscow and Muscovites of the 19th century illustrated' in Sadovoye Koltso Museum 

Address: 14/10 Prospekt Mira

Dates: 3 July — 15 September


Arkady Melik-Sarkisyan is renowned not only as an artistic director of puppet animated films (with 'The Grey Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood' (1990), 'Puss in Boots' (1996) and others among them), but also as a graphic artist who has created hundreds of images of Muscovites of the 19th–20th centuries. The new exhibition at Sadovoye Koltso Museum will present illustrations by Melik-Sarkisyan to 'Moscow and Muscovites' by Vladimir Gilyarovsky — sketches from the life of ordinary citizens, depicting Moscow's everyday events, character and atmosphere of the last century.

'Moscow and Muscovites of the 19th Century Illustrated' is the first series of 'Scandalous Trubnaya' exhibition project dedicated to the recent past of the Moscow's centre. Trubnaya Street and its surroundings will be featured at three exhibitions-and-series in all their former splendour and poverty, will reveal all their secrets and make spectators to look at them from different perspective.

Free admission.

'Toy Life' in the Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery 

Address: 4/1 Peresvetov Pereulok

Dates: 5 through 30 July

Artist Mikhail Garasko is a neighbour of the Peresvetov Pereulok Gallery. He has been living in the house occupied by the Gallery, in the flat next to the exhibition hall, right behind the wall. He met its curators Daria Serenko and Alexandra Kiselyova by accident, at the next meeting of building's residents. The idea was born right away to hold an exhibition that would extend the space of the artist's studio directly into the Gallery. Toys are the main topic of Gerasko's artworks: he makes and paints them. The exhibition includes both his works and a themed game installation to allow visitors to share their childhood memories.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'101st kilometre' exhibition in the 21st Century Gallery 

Address: 22 Kremenchugskaya Street

Dates: 5 July  — 11 August

The exhibition is dedicated to the phenomenon of the 101st kilometre, where in Soviet times the families of political prisoners, as well as other 'undesirable' citizens from Moscow, Leningrad and the capitals of the Soviet republics were exiled. The artist Maria Sivkova considers it from existentialism's point of view — as a cultural suburb, where the big world ceases to exist and everyday details come to the fore. The exhibition includes various works — installations, graphic works, video art. Combined they create a sense of slowing time.  A viewer seems to cross the line, finding himself or herself in the Soviet Union at the 101st kilometre.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'Artwork as a Pictorial Jesture' in the A3 Gallery 

Address: 39 Starokonyushenny Pereulok

Dates: 5 through 28 July

Creative works of the artist Aelita Lentovskaya demonstrate absence of clear boundaries between art and life with a person  successfully existing and creating in this undivided creative space. The works presented at the exhibition, including paintings, graphics and costumes, are autobiographical. Lentovskaya tells the audience about herself through them.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'Exhibition of Collage Economy Achievements' in Peschanaya Gallery 

Address: 23/7 Novopeschanaya Street

Dates: 5 July — 4 August

Collage art, which discovery is attributed to the Cubists, appeared in the visual arts in the early 20th century. Today, genre boundaries have expanded, and collages include Zina and GIF animation. Collages will be presented in all their diversity at the new exhibition at Peschanaya Gallery, which has become part of the program of the international Cut and Glue festival.

The exhibition features more than 200 digital and paper collages created by artists from 19 Russian cities, including single artists and associations, professionals and amateurs. At the exhibition, you will view not only modern collages, but also the copies of Soviet magazines' covers of the 1920s and 1930s.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

Jaume Plensa in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art 

Address: 25 Petrovka Street

Dates: 9 July — 22 September

It is the first Russian exhibition of works by Catalan artist Jaume Plensa, renowned for his sculptures and installations with people's bodies consisting of light, sounds and letters. The artist has brought to Moscow more than 20 major works. They will be arranged as a journey through his style of philosophy, created under the supervision of Ferran Barenblit, Director of the Museum in Barcelona. For Moscow, Barenblit has prepared a special version of the exhibition, intertwining Plensa works with the history of the mansion in Petrovka, which houses the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition opens with an aluminium question mark symbolising the artist's idea of the ability of sculpture to question any statement.

Ticket: RUB 350.00.

'Manor Age' in the Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia 

Address: 24/3 Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya Street

Dates: 11 July  — 1 November

Many creative people came to Kuskovo, Abramtsevo and Arkhangelskoye estates to get inspired. The new exhibition of the Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia will present paintings and graphic works, which embodied the images of Russian country estates. Landscape design and park sculptures, garden interiors, furniture and architecture — all this is reflected in the works of artists inspired by the appearance of ancient estates.

Ticket: RUB 200.00.

'Touch the Wildlife' in the State Darwin Museum 

Address: 57 Vavilova Street

Dates: 23 July — 25 August

There is one of the smallest protected areas of Russia, the Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve, on the left bank of the Oka River near Serpukhov.  It is home to more than 50 species of wild mammals, 600 species of butterflies and more than 140 species of birds, as well as 2,000 species of plants, with 8 of them red-listed. A photo exhibition at the Darwin Museum tells about the extraordinary flora and fauna of the most densely populated Russian reserve. Pictures depicting the beauty of the inhabitants of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve introduce the audience to the diversity of its inhabitants. The photos show aurochs and bisons from the Central Bison Nursery, rare species of reptiles and Oka fauna with a large population of beavers.

Ticket: from RUB 150.00.


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