From Fruit Garden to Tyufeleva Roshcha: The ten best parks in the Southern Administrative Area

September 27
Parks and pedestrian areas

Parks are popular among Muscovites and tourists in the autumn. Visitors can walk along a river or beside a pond, take part in sports at special grounds and enjoy works of art. Here you fill find information about parks in the south of Moscow.

Biryulyovsky Arboretum and the Garden of Health and Active Longevity

The Biryulyovsky Arboretum has about 250 rare species of trees and shrubs. Some of them were brought from North America and Japan. In 2017, the park underwent a large-scale improvement project. Dead trees and weeds were cleared away, and the park was improved with the addition of convenient paths for walks, children’s and sports areas, navigation and information stands, and an open air site for holding themed events.

In the summer of 2020, another park, the Garden of Health and Active Longevity was established under the My District programme. The site has areas for games, yoga and qigong lessons, open-air classes and workshops. There is also a tactile path that combines various pavement surfaces such as pebble, sand and wood chips, as well as being equipped with comfortable benches, bird feeders and herb gardens. For visually impaired visitors, there are Braille information stands.

Fruit Garden Park

Fruit Garden is the largest park in the Biryulyovo Zapadnoye District. It stretches along Vostryakovsky Proyezd. This used to be an apple garden and the space has been decorated accordingly. The entrance arches are in shaped like giant fruits and adorned with stained glass panels. In addition, huge and colourful apples, pears and berries can be seen on the park’s paths. There is also a two-lane cycle path.

The park is suitable for family recreation: it has two contemporary children’s playgrounds, a sports ground with exercise machines and chess tables, a workout and relaxation zone with large swings, and picnic tables with canopies that protect from the sun and rain. On the central alley there are ground lights that create an illusion of infinite space at night.


Brateyevskaya Poima Park

Brateyevskaya Poima Park, which opened in June 2018, is located on the right bank of the Moskva River, between Alma-Atinskaya Street and Proyektiruyemy Proyezd (Planned Sreet) No 5402.

The park covers 190 hectares and is divided into several functional zones. There are 12 sports grounds: a football and futsal pitches (the large one is used as a skating rink in the winter), two volleyball grounds and a basketball court, a tennis court and an area for playing table tennis, plus two workout grounds, a parkour ground and a skate park. The baseball field hosts games of the Moscow Amateur Baseball Leagues, as well as home matches of Spartak Moscow baseball club.

The embankment was equipped with convenient ramps. The park also has an open-air deck with wooden sun loungers, five children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, a stage, a summer cinema, gazebos, 14 swings, and dog parks.

Tyufeleva Roshcha Park

The park is located at the former site of the Likhachyov Plant (ZIL), where earlier still, there was a grove with pines and firs.

The concept of the park was developed by Jerry Van Eyck, head of New York-based !melk studios. He based the project on the idea of public art, that is, incorporating art in the urban environment.

A pergola resembling a factory conveyor belt dominates the park. It is made of CORTEN steel, an alloy of chrome, phosphorus and copper. The park also has an artificial pond with clean blue water. This was achieved by building a huge concrete pool that prevents contact between the water and the ground and a five-step purification system.

Visitors will enjoy the pathways, a tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts, and benches, while for children, there are playing grounds with trampolines, slides, a small rock climbing wall and a sandbox. At night, the park is illuminated by architectural lighting.

Park near Beket Pond

In the early 19th century, this was the site of Beketov’s Dacha, the estate of coin collector Ivan Beketov, brother of famous Russian book publisher and educator Platon Beketov.

The park had not been improved since 2012. In 2019, it was renovated under the My District programme in accordance with the wishes of local residents. Experts reinforced the embankment, laid new walkways and created separate zones for games and sports. Over a dozen dog poo bins appeared along the promenade.

The park now offers a contemporary sports and workout ground, a volleyball pitch, a hockey rink (in the summer, it hosts futsal games) and a table tennis area. There are also benches and large swings, plus gazebos were installed near the water. Children will enjoy the rock climbing wall.

Pobedy Public Garden

This previously deserted site was renovated under the My District programme in 2019. The new public garden opened in early 2020, to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

It now has convenient paths, steps and ramps for people with disabilities. The green theatre can accommodate 70 people. Children are offered a play area and a sand factory. The teqball table is the gem of the sports area. In addition, there is a multifunctional complex with monkey bars and wall bars, and a table tennis area. Streetball fans also have a place to play.

Veterans’ Public Garden

The Veterans’ Public Garden opened in the Southern Administrative Area in 2019. It was created on the site of chestnut alley, which was planted in the post-war years by the employees of the Central Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics. The institute produced rockets for the legendary Katyusha multiple rocket launchers.

The public garden is a walking area devoted to the participants in the Great Patriotic War. The central alley has information stands with photos and stories by veterans who currently live in the district. The park also has convenient walkways, a board games pavilion, an open stage and large swings.

Arshinovsky Park

This park was established by merchant Vasily Arshinov in the 19th century. He planted pines, larches, cedars and blue spruces. At the entrance, there is an art installation featuring a huge pine cone made of CORTEN steel. During the Great Patriotic War, the area was greatly damaged because of a lot of trees being cut down to be used as fuel.

The first major improvement to the park was carried out in 2006 with the creation of children’s playgrounds and recreation zones. In 2015, security posts, a sports village, and new lighting were added.

Last year, the area around Korneyevskye ponds was renovated under the My District programme with xperts constructing pedestrian zones, new children’s and sports grounds, and an amphitheatre. A bridge was added to the upper pond, while the lower one was fitted with duck houses.

Sadovniki Park

Sadovniki Park opened in 1989 at the site of an abandoned area left behind after the construction of residential housing. The park was renovated in 2014 by the Moscow architectural bureau Alphabet City and British LDA Design. Local residents were able to make proposals regarding the park.

The park has interesting art installations, a splash fountain, sports grounds, an open-air stage with a dance floor, contemporary children’s rope parks, bike rentals, an Italian café and dog parks. The skating park covers an area of 2,750 square metres. There is also a 2-kilometre cycle path.

Experts improved Rizhsky Garden, a green area that appeared in 2005 to mark friendly relations between Moscow and Riga. Latvian architects based the garden on the layout of old Riga. They installed flowerbeds, rubbish bins and benches, all made in one laconic Baltic style.

Kolomenskaya Embankment

The Kolomenskaya Embankment, a new public space in the Nagatinsky Zaton District, opened in 2019. Several themed recreation areas were built between Bldgs 1 and 6.

The rotundas – popular selfie sites – were renovated and walking paths and ramps were built round them. A pump track, exercise machines and table tennis areas were installed. One of the viewing points near the Moskva River now has a board game site with vandal-proof tables and poufs.

Five new children’s playgrounds were built on the embankment, one of them equipped with the Frigate complex, the other featuring colourful artificial hills with underground tunnels.

Moscow parks also offer multiple photo opportunities, including the carved Gazebo in Gorky Park, the Rotunda of the 800th Anniversary of Moscow in Neskuchny Garden, the cast iron garden cottages in the Hermitage Garden, and the Milovida Pavilion in Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve.


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