From ecology to e-Sports: what educational projects are available to Moscow schoolchildren

September 8

The capital is a leader in the process of educating the younger generation. Young Moscow residents get familiarized with different professions and the history of the Fatherland not only in schools and colleges, but in cultural institutions, universities, enterprises, parks and memorial places too.

The projects aimed at patriotic education and preservation of historical memory are being implemented in Moscow. The new academic year will see schoolchildren having an opportunity to become participants of bright projects, in some of them — together with their parents.

Olympiad “Museums. Parks. Manor houses”

September 1 will give start to the next season of the Olympiad “Museums. Parks. Manor houses”. Pupils of grades 1-11 will have a chance to broaden their horizons by learning a lot about the history and culture of the city and country. The Olympiad participants will visit museums, parks and manor houses, and solve tasks that require careful study of the corresponding exposition.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,

“Big City Tournament”

The Big City Tournament starts in Moscow on September 6 — it is the first large-scale e-sports event of the new academic year. All capital’s residents can take part in it. Players will compete in 11 e-Sports disciplines of different genres. The tournament will be held online and give Moscow residents of different generations an opportunity to find new topics for communication, better understand each other, and expand the circle of common interests. And young cyber athletes will be able to demonstrate their skills and establish themselves in professional environment.

Study day at the museum and library

Two projects will begin simultaneously in September where classes will be held outside schools — “Study Day in the Museum” (for the pupils of grades 3-11) and “School Day in the Library” (for pupils of grades 5-11 ). Classes of the latter will enable schoolchildren to master the basics of project activities and prepare own projects under the guidance of library staff. Such activities help form a holistic picture of the world.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,

“Moscow cinema at school”

This September it will be also possible to see and discuss films of the golden fund of national cinema with teachers, actors and directors.

Schoolchildren of all ages and college students will immerse themselves in the atmosphere of films that their parents love and re-watch, study the history, culture and filmography of the Russian cinema. Films of different genres are included in the educational process.

Кадр из фильма «Курьер». Режиссер К. Шахназаров. 1986 год

“Environmental Сalendar”

Volunteers of the capital’s schools and colleges are starting the project “Environmental Сalendar” in the new academic year, aimed at fostering a conscious attitude towards nature and ecological literacy of the city people. The calendar includes over 30 holidays dedicated to the nature of our planet and its protection — from the Day of Reserves and National Parks to the International Day of the Mountains. Lectures, photo exhibitions, master classes, quizzes, movie screenings, environmental campaigns and other events will be taking place for the participants nearly every week.

Photo by Maxim Denisov,

“Animation in Your Smartphone”

In the 2021/2022 academic year, the creative project "Animation in Your Smartphone" will be held for the second time. Its participants will have to create short animated films dedicated to volunteering and good deeds. A special online course will help them learn mobile animation. Pupils’ work will be evaluated by representatives of the animation and documentary film industries, volunteer organizations and the media. The project will start in November, and the winners will be awarded in April, on the Day of Russian Animation.


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