From Alexander and Sofia to Ogneslav and Feofania: this year children's names most popular in Moscow

October 15, 2019
Social sector

We know now the most popular names given to newborns in Moscow in 2019. More than 2,200 boys were called Alexander. The most popular name for girls was Sofia, with 2,400 kids called so, according to Yelena Yefremova, Head of the Moscow Civil Registry.

The most popular male names in 2019 included also Mikhail, Maxim, Ivan, Artyom, Dmitry, Daniil, Mark, Lev and Matvei. Moscow's most frequent girl's names were Maria, Alexandra, Anna, Alisa, Viktoria, Polina, Anastasia, Yelizaveta and Eva.

But some parents chose unusual options. 34 boys were named Dobrynya, with 26 kids named Habib. Four boys had names Richard Lev, Alexander Paul, Caesar and Ogneslav.

Yesenia has become quite a popular name for 315 newborn girls. The rarest names include Lukeria (two girls), Evfrosinia (two girls) and Feofania (one girl).

Muscovites have chosen other untraditional names before. So, Moscow has now Aryas, named after the heroine of the popular series Game of Thrones, Kupavas, Agata Marias, Kapitolinas and Radomiras. Among the unusual male names are Fill, Ustin, Martin, Pakhom, Marsel and Peresvet.

In Moscow, you can get a child's birth certificate right at the maternity hospital. Issued in all maternity hospitals of the Heathcare Department, the certificate is drawn up by the hospital’s medical staff. Parents only need to submit the required documents. Over time, the service will be available in other Moscow maternity hospitals.

Also, parents of newborns are given a free gift set. It includes 44  items fit for both boys and girls: mattress, blanket, swaddling clothes, overalls, bathing towel with a mitten, diapers, crawlers, bodysuits, electronic thermometer and more.


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