Four million Muscovites already use electronic medical records

October 10

Electronic medical record (EMR) is one of the key services of the unified digital platform of Moscow healthcare and continues to gain popularity. Today, Muscovites have access to almost four million electronic medical records, Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development, said.

"Since January 2020, citizens have the opportunity to view information in their electronic medical record on the portal, and in June in a mobile application as well. Such a service is really convenient for both doctors and patients. Thanks to the EMR, all medical information about the patient's health will not be lost and will always be at hand. At the same time, we are constantly working on its development by adding new functions," she said.

Anastasia Rakova added that more and more citizens use the service.

"Today, Muscovites already use almost four million EMRs. The number of open electronic medical records has doubled: if in 2020 residents got access to two million EMRs, then in the first nine months of this year - to two million more. In total, since the service launch, Muscovites have used it more than 45 million times," she said.

Recently, in the My Certificates new section, the documents indicating the child's illness according to the form 095/y became available to users in digital form. Thanks to this, certificates can now be quickly sent in soft form or printed, for example, for a sports section that a child attends.

Earlier this year, other electronic medical record features appeared. For example, in the My Health Examination section you can see the results of examinations undergone in the Healthy Moscow pavilions. In addition, citizens had the opportunity to fill out an online questionnaire before undergoing medical examination. Thanks to this opportunity, Muscovites saved thousands of hours, as they did not have to spend time filling out questionnaires in the pavilions.

Another popular service was the Digital Certificate. A unique QR code of the vaccinated and ill person is available in this section. The certificate can be presented at the place of request from the smartphone screen or printed out at home, at the reception or information kiosk terminal in the polyclinic. The certificate itself is generated automatically thanks to the unified digital healthcare platform capabilities.

To all citizens with a full account on the portal, the access to the electronic medical record was opened automatically in April 2021. If information about minor children was verified in the user's personal account, then parents and guardians began to see this data automatically. To view it, just follow the link, instead of waiting a few days for the information to be checked. Thanks to this option, 29 percent of medical records users have received an access to the service.

To get access to their medical record or medical record of a minor child, the users with a standard account on the portal need to make a request and wait for the personal data to be verified. Access to the electronic medical record is provided within five working days.

The popularity of the mobile version of the medical record in the EMIAS INFO application is also growing. This year, the option began to be used 2.5 times more often. If a year ago only every fifth resident of the capital who got access to it used a medical record on the phone, now almost every second.

Protocols of doctors' examinations, results of COVID-19 tests, laboratory and instrumental studies (CT, MRI, fluorography and others, including access to images), discharge epicrisis, vaccination history of adults and children are available in the electronic medical record both in the mobile version and on Users also have the opportunity to keep a Health Diary, enter personal and family history data. In addition, information is available on issued current prescriptions, sick leave certificates, as well as data on ambulance calls. Documents from the medical records can be viewed and downloaded, sent by e-mail or via messengers, as well as you can independently add additional information to the medical record.

The implementation of such solutions has become possible thanks to a single digital healthcare platform. It has been developed and is developing jointly by the capital's Social Development Complex and the Department of Information Technology.

You can download the EMIAS.INFO mobile application from the Google Play or the App Store and App Gallery. For the correct operation of the service, it is necessary to follow its timely update.


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