Four-legged patrol: rescue dogs watch over the water safety

June 8
Safety and security

This summer, 15 rescue dogs will help to monitor the safety at Moscow water bodies. Newfoundland Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have started patrolling Moscow beaches. On weekends, the four-legged helpers do their duties along with volunteers in popular water recreation places: on Serebryany Bor 2 and Serebryany Bor 3 beaches, in Stroginskaya Poima, on Chernoye and Shkolnoye lakes, in Troparyovo recreation area, and at the Levoberezhnaya search-and-rescue station.

"Dogs have been assisting in rescuing people on Moscow waters for four years at a row. All of them have mastered search and rescue skills and have a special cytological card. So, Newfoundland Dogs rescued two people on Moskva River last summer. Thanks to their strength and endurance, they are able to quickly get to a hard-to-reach places, pull the victim out of the water and bring him or her to the bank," the Press Service of the Moscow Main Directorate of EMERCOM said.

A rescue dog is clearly visible from a distance due to its special uniform including a bright orange vest saying 'Water Emergency Response Service'. It has a special handle the victim may grab, and the dog will easily take the person to the rescue boat or to the bank.

27 drones will also assist lifeguards on duty to enable rescuers to timely notice a drowning person, children left unattended or offenders who have lit a fire in undesignated areas. The duty station immediately receives alerts, also sent to the rescuers' tablets. After that, a rescue boat comes to the scene.

This summer, 60 boats are to patrol Moscow waters. They are equipped with primary rescue means: life-jackets, lifelines and a first aid kit. Some of them have fire extinguishing equipment: fire power pumps and fire extinguishers to quickly quench water or land fire. Due to its advanced powerful engine, the boat can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h. Thus, it is able to arrive at the scene in just 3 minutes.

In addition to urban beaches, the boats have started to patrol the Krymskaya Embankment, the water area near Vorobyovy Gory and other popular water recreation areas, where swimming is prohibited.

Before the summer season's launch, Moscow search-and-rescue service employees have examined the bottom of water bodies and the beach line, and conducted a water analysis. At the beginning of summer, 113 rescue stations have been opened. They are equipped with advanced search-and-rescue boats. 500 EMERCOM officers, rescuers and volunteers have taken up their duties at the stations. Check the emergency telephone numbers on the beach information boards.

On 1 June, beach season launched in Moscow. 108 comfortable water recreation areas have been opened for citizens with 8 of them suitable for bathing.


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