For concerts and performances: parks have their open-air stages built and upgraded

October 11, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

This year, 161 park and green grounds of Moscow have been landscaped and renovated. Renovation is underway in large parks, boulevards, squares and small district parks. There are new walking paths, bike lines, picturesque embankments and gazebos to relax by the water, children's and sports grounds, new lawns and flower beds, trees and shrubs. Green recreation areas now have more comfortable places to have some rest or spend some quality time. So, they now have 20 new open-air stages installed, with 5 stages renovated.

 'Annually, Moscow parks and squares host a large number of concerts, performances and theatrical plays. They attract a large number of citizens, that is why park stages must meet high quality standards. This year, the existing stages in Moscow parks and squares have been renovated, with new spacious event sites built. The works were carried out including at the request of citizens. Our main objective was to create concert venues to be comfortable for artists to work on, and for guests to enjoy concerts, performances, artistic, dance and literary evenings,' told the Press Service of the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs.

In particular, during the improvement of the Children's Cherkizovsky Park, the amphitheatre has been reconstructed. The site was in poor condition, so specialists had to upgrade both the stage and the seats and reinforce the amphitheatre's supporting structure.

At the request of citizens, a new stage pavilion has been built in Lyublino Estate Park, with the flooring on the dance floor renovated and curved benches put along the edges. There is a new concert stage and an amphitheatre to seat 180 spectators in the central part of Lyublino Estate Park.

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Pevcheskoye Pole open-air stage in the Yauza River floodplain has also been renovated. It has now a new stage pavilion arranged, with the amphitheatre reconstructed. The historical appearance and layout of the concert venue have been preserved. In Lukinskaya Street, a roofed stage with rooms for artists has been constructed on a vacant lot, which has turned into a small local park this year. There is a three-level amphitheatre with spectator seats constructed in front of the stage.

Parks with new open-air stages:

— Lyublino Estate — roofed stage;

— Druzhby Park — open-air site;

— Dubki Park — open-air site;

— Onezhsky Culture Centre square (25 Flotskaya Street) — open-air stage;

— Embankment Park in Kapotnya — two open-air sites;

— Park in Lukhmanovskaya Street — open-air stage;

— Dusseldorfsky Park — roofed stage;

— Park near Batyuninsky Pond — open-air stage;

— Veteranov Square in Nagatino-Sadovniki (1 Sadovniki Street) — open-air stage;

— square in Malogvardeyskaya Street — roofed stage;

— boulevard between Bogdanova and Shchorsa streets — roofed stage;

— park area next to 12 Lukinskaya Street — roofed stage;

— Osenny Boulevard — roofed stage;

— Children's Park in the 3rd Neighbourhood of Northwestern Administrative Area — open-air stage;

— Marshal Biryuzov Memorial square (32 Marshala Biryuzova Street) — open-air stage;

— Fleyta Square, 3rd Neighbourhood of Zelenograd Administrative Area — open-air stage;

—grounds at the city pond in the LMC village (Voronovskoye settlement, Central Neighbourhood) — roofed stage;

— Sports Park in Desenovskoye settlement — open-air stage;

 — Klenovo Estate (Klenovskoye settlement, Klenovo village) — roofed stage.

Parks and squares with stages upgraded:

— Lyublino Estate — roofed stage;

— Torfyanka Park — open-air stage;

— Yauza River floodplain along Zapovednaya Street — roofed stage;

— Bazhova Square (between Bazhova and Malakhitovaya streets) — roofed stage;

—grounds at the city pond in the LMC village (Voronovskoye settlement, Central Neighbourhood) — open-air stage;

Annually, some 100 squares and parks are landscaped and created in Moscow. There are small recreation spots within walking distance among them and green sites for residents of several neighbouring areas. Moscow parks host cultural and sports events, they have cafes, rental stations and even summer clinics.


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