For children, athletes and history buffs: 10 new recreation zones in the Northwestern Administrative District

September 11
Parks and pedestrian areas

There are many parks and natural areas in the Northwestern Administrative District. And every year, there are more outdoor recreation areas thanks to the My District programme.

Themed public gardens and boulevards, a large landscape park and a relaxing beach: find out about the district’s new sights in this article.

Palmira Park in Kurkino

Not long ago, there was a neglected lot instead of a park, but in 2019, a recreation area with an unusual concept was created.

Palmira Park resembles a legendary ancient city. The area is decorated with massive rocks, a stone amphitheatre and an original fountain that looks like a stream. And for those who are interested in the history of Palmira, information signs have been installed.

Spaces for quiet recreation in the park deserve special attention: there is a decorative garden and a rain garden with plants that like water. There are also places for entertainment. Children can enjoy a playground with a jungle gym, and active people have sporting options including streetball, panna and table tennis.

Khimkinsky Boulevard in Severnoye Tushino

The picturesque Khimkinsky Boulevard on the border between Severnoye (Northern) and Yuzhnoye (Southern) Tushino was transformed in 2018. It now has a stylish promenade with several activity areas.

For children, there is a playground with an artificial hill on the boulevard. They can climb it on a small climbing wall or a rope ladder, or they will be interested in riding a bike or a scooter. There is a small concrete path with undulating landscape for this.

Active people can practice street fitness, play panna or table tennis.

There also is a recreation space for the elderly on Khimkinsky Boulevard. This offers chess tables and a sportsground with special equipment that helps develop minor motor skills and coordination.

Unusual sheltered benches and park swings were also installed.

Public gardens on Kulakova Street in Strogino

In 2019, a park boulevard on Kulakova Street was built in Strogino under the My District programme. The city updated the street furniture, installed park swings and built new children’s and sports grounds. The area was decorated with topiary figures of a dragon, a bear and a rabbit.

The Adventure Path children’s play zone includes several playgrounds. It has a large wooden ramp with rope ladders, a climbing wall and tunnels. There is also an eco-style obstacle course nearby.

In addition, an unusual sandbox with a play excavator and weights, trampolines and special snail pipes through which children can talk from different sides of the playground, were installed.

There also is a small section with sheltered equipment, tennis tables and a complex with a barbell and a punching bag for athletes in the public garden.

Four Elements Garden in Kurkino

There is a true oasis for children amid the residential buildings, between Yurovskaya Street and Novokurkinskoye Motorway. In 2019, a picturesque park using the theme of four elements was built there in place of a drab courtyard.

Architects played with the relief with a sharp difference in heights. For example, a playground divided into four zones, the number of natural elements, became the centre of the renovated recreation area. An air zone was built at the highest point, where children can enjoy a play complex with a slide and a bungee net.

The other sections are located slightly lower: Earth is a large sandbox, water is a platform with wave-like swings, and fire is a platform with a bright red-orange coating.

Moreover, the park has platforms for team games, a ping-pong table and workout complexes. New recreation zones were also organised there, walking paths were put in order and the amphitheatre was repaired and new trees and shrubs were planted.

Stroginskaya Poima recreation zone in Strogino

A large Stroginskaya Poima (Floodplains) recreation area beautification project was completed in 2018. There is a modern comfortable beach with wooden decks on the banks of the reservoir, with walking and bicycle paths in the green zone.

Special attention was paid to sport zones. There are areas with fitness equipment, exercise bars and punching bags to train outdoors.

Moreover, the park has two fields for mini-football, a basketball court, table tennis and a courtyard. There also is workout equipment to strengthen joints and arm muscles, which will be useful for the elderly, in the sports section.

Public gardens in Akademika Kurchatova Square in Shchukino

Back in the 2000s, there was a turnaround instead of a square, but today there is a modern public garden with cozy recreation areas on Akademika Kurchatova Square.

The square was beautified in 2019 under the My District programme. At the public’s request, over 1,500 bushes, new trees and flowerbeds were planted. The city also installed new lighting, renovated the fountain adding architectural lighting, installed benches and seats on retaining walls.

A snow-white pergola with a swing made of architectural concrete is one of the quietest places to relax in the garden. It includes the I Love Shchukino art installation.

Thanks to the beautification, Akademika Kurchatova Square is now a stylish city garden with Shchukinsky Park on the other side of the road.

Park near the festival grounds in Mitino

A new park covering 1,200 hectares was built in Mitino in 2019 thanks to the Flower Jam festival.

The new space was designed by internationally famous landscape designer Andy Sturgeon who decided to reflect Moscow’s features in the project, such as its hills and ring-like layout. In the end, the park neatly continued the local Stalin Empire-styled festival grounds.

The original concept was highlighted by an amphitheatre built in an artificial hill as well as semicircular benches near trees. A small playground on sand was built for children. Also, 110 trees, over 3,000 bushes and almost 15,000 flowers and plants were planted in the park.

Mitino Landscape Park

The landscape park that has always been popular among the locals is one of the main landmarks in Mitino. This park, a historical and architectural landmark, attracts visitors with varying elevations and magnificent views. In 2017–2018, the park was completely transformed. Now it is a modern recreation zone with various facilities for children, adults and sports enthusiast.

Comfortable walking paths and a circular bicycle route across the entire park were put in. Cultural events can be held at several stages. There is also an observation zone with an amphitheatre to enjoy the view.

Penyaginsky Pond with a wooden deck and lounges is the park’s best feature.

The children were not forgotten either. They can spend time in a playground or ride a bungee net.

The park also has several sportsgrounds, including a skate park, workout zone, tennis court and areas for basketball, volleyball, streetball and futsal.

Skhodnya River Bank Park in Pokrovskoye Streshnevo

The transformation of the banks of the Skhodnya River in Pokrovskoye Streshnevo began in 2017. At first the left bank was improved, and later, in 2019, they renovated the right bank under the My District programme.

The completely renovated whitewater slalom base became the park’s calling card. A new professional track was built, riverbanks were strengthened and a gym and a boathouse were built. Convenient stands were erected for the spectators.

Walking paths, eco-paths and children's playgrounds were also established in the renovated area. Wooden terraces with lounges and a beautiful view over the river are also popular.

Public garden near the memorial of Marshal Biryuzov in Shchukino

Another renovated public garden in the Shchukino District is located on Marshala Biryuzova Street. In 2019, it was completely remade: the old space was turned into a quiet corner for relaxation and local events.

First, paths and benches were upgraded in the garden. Over 1,000 new bushes were planted and flowerbeds were added. Experts have also renovated the memorial to Soviet Marshal Sergei Biryuzov.

Moreover, at the public’s requests, a new fountain was built to replace the broken one. Sheltered park swings and a small event stage were installed nearby.


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