Flower Jam: City gets urban landscape design awards

December 25, 2020

Two Flower Jam Moscow Government international open contest and festival projects emerged victorious at the 11th Russian National Awards in landscape architecture.

An online Flower Jam series of educational programmes has won the Best Film, Television and Radio Programme award. British urban architect Peter Fink’s special Moscow residential area park project also received a prize.

Knowledge without borders

The Flower Jam festival makes it possible not only to transform Moscow’s public areas using the ideas of gifted landscape designers from all over the world, but has also become a training ground for  people to share experience,  noted Minister of the Moscow Government and Head of the Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk.

“It is a major educational programme involving leading world professionals, the results of which are put into use both in Russia and abroad. Young Moscow landscape designers and architects can take full advantage of this unique project to learn as much as possible without having to pay for anything,” he added.

A series of online debates and roundtable discussions attended by leading world experts in landscape architecture, design and urban development is still in the process of being filmed and has been going on since early summer. The discussions are expected to continue until late spring.

Switching over to having to work remotely has its advantages. According to the Flower Jam Organising Committee, it would have been impossible otherwise to bring together so many speakers from all over the world.

Over 20 high-profile speakers from Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United States and Australia have joined the Flower Jam educational programme this year. Twenty-five Russian experts were also involved, including Taisia Volftrub, President of the Russian Landscape Architects’ Association, and Sergei Kapkov, Head of the Moscow Centre of Urban Studies.

The programme covers the following topics:

— planting compact city gardens and parks in already existing development areas. This issue has become particularly relevant during self-isolation. Experts find that those living within walking distance of parks or garden can better endure a lockdown situation;

— new gardens and parks on the grounds of Moscow museums;

— city meadows and replacing lawns with wild grassland;

— using gardens and parks to improve the city environment and city dwellers’ physical and mental health.

A major European landscape festival, I Maestri del Paesaggio (Bergamo, Italy), was broadcast in Russian for the first time as part of the Flower Jam online programme.

In total, 16 hours of live streams were posted on social networks and the Flower Jam YouTube channel. Free recordings of all the programmes in both Russian and English are still available.

Over 9,000 users have watched debates and roundtable discussions which are part of the festival’s educational programme and this number keeps growing.

Park of the future

A special project, a park designed for a Moscow residential area by a team headed by Peter Fink, British urbanist and architect and Flower Jam curator and expert, won the Flower Jam contest in 2018.

This project was carried out by Italian landscape designers Alessandro Trivelli and Silvia Calatroni as well as Russian designers and architects: Patricia Garcia Alayo, Denis Batashev, Dmitry Bochkov, Valentina Shalygina, Anna Chzhan, Natalia Kravchuk and Olga Myrzakhanova.

At the award ceremony, Taisia Volftraub noted  the project’s world-class design.

The park reflects a new high standard of landscape, environmental and human-focused design of public areas, as was pointed out by Alessandro Trivelli. “In doing this project. we drew on the best international experience in creating exhibition gardens and permanent Flower Jam contest and festival projects,” he said.

The park has modern children’s playgrounds and sports grounds, walking areas, grass hills and places with green roofs, a multi-use athletic field and a birch grove. Thanks to the location of the recreation areas and playgrounds, visitors can enjoy sunshine during the winter months but stay in the shade in the summer season. The surrounding greenery has been positioned in such a way that it could absorb emissions and purify the air as much as possible. The planned park, due to be developed in an area visited by at least 50,000 people every single day, is expected to become an attraction point with local residents.

The implementation of the project has been postponed due to the pandemic. However, the committee responsible for the event keeps hoping that the park will be created in the not too distant future.

Flower Jam is an open international urban landscape design competition and festival. It’s considered the largest event of its kind in Russia and the world and has been held since 2017 as part of the Moscow Seasons series of urban festivities.

Due to the pandemic, this year’s Flower Jam round two has been put on hold.

Source: mos.ru

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