Floriculture and Landscaping Pavilion's overhaul at VDNKh to complete in November

October 25, 2019
Construction and renovation

The overhaul of Floriculture and Landscaping Pavilion No. 29, one of the most unusual pavilions of VDNKh, is almost finished.

'The pavilion has rather a complicated structure, featuring three cubes of different size connected by passages. In the centre is the main building, the exhibition hall, with two small buildings on the sides housing the cinema and lecture hall, a cafe, administration and utility rooms. It is cladded with travertine, which is also used in the interior decoration. The facade has long narrow stained glass windows. There are special rooftop light wells (roof lights) to compensate for the flow of natural light,' told the Moscow Department of Capital Repairs.

Two years ago, the building with covering more than 3,000 sq m was in poor condition. The chipped and cracked interior and exterior cladding was partially lost. Roofing and support beams were dilapidated, with all MEP systems in the need of repair.

The pavilion's renovation began this February. To date, all facade work on the area covering some 3,500 sq m is completed. The building has been cleaned up and washed, with chips and potholes in travertine patched up and lost cladding restored. The facade has been treated with a special solution to protect travertine from precipitation.

The restored Flora sculpture, a decorative relief made of forged copper mounted on the pavilion's facade, a cultural heritage site of regional significance, has been put back.

49 unusual stained glass windows have been replaced in the pavilion. The portals over the entrances and windows have been recreated according to old drawings and cladded with tuff. The main entrance porch has now its concrete base restored and new granite tiles laid.

Besides, experts have repaired the roof covering some 2,600 sq m. New support beams have been mounted, with more than 140 tons of metal used for their construction and about 12 km of welding made to produce them. Roof slabs have been completely replaced, with new surface casting, insulation and waterproofing made.

A group of 16 light wells (roof lights) has been upgraded, too, with their structures reinforced, anti-corrosion treatment applied, fencing panels and stained glass replaced.

‘Four decorative pools are the pavilion's highlights. They differ in size, ranging from 54 to more than 230 sq m. You will find two of them outside, with the other two located inside. They have been completely renovated, with the basins cast anew, the lining, nozzles and utilities replaced. Now the blue and white mosaic is being laid inside the basins, with parapets lined with marble. One of the pools, located in front of the central entrance, has now one of its walls restored, to have the Pavilion's name placed,' the Moscow Department of Capital Repairs told.

Interior finishing is also underway. The exhibition hall and the cafe have now its lost cladding restored, with chips and potholes in travertine patched up. Sound-absorbing panels have been fixed to the ceiling of the hall to reduce noise during events. Now flooring is underway in both premises, with decorative concrete tiles laid.

Ceilings and walls have been renovated in the administrative building. Workers are to complete the repair of porcelain tile flooring of the corridor and laying laminate flooring in the offices.

The premises to house the cinema and lecture hall are to be ready soon. They have been renovated and painted, with sound-absorbing panels fixed to the ceiling. The last thing left to do is laying the carpet floor covering to create the right acoustics.

The building has now modern systems of water and electricity supply, heating and sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as fire alarm systems replaced and installed. Works are underway on equipment's start-up and commissioning.

About Floriculture and Landscaping Pavilion 

The building was constructed in Soviet modernism style in the early 1970s according to the design by architect Igor Vinogradsky, the author of many renowned Moscow buildings, including Blokhin Oncology Research Centre, RIA Novosti Press Centre on Zubovsky Boulevard, the State Tretyakov Gallery's Depository.

Boating a rich history, the Pavilion has never changed its purpose. It hosted displays of the achievements of the best landscaping organisations, flower farms and botanical gardens. After the renovation, the Pavilion will not change its historical purpose.

The works are expected to complete this November.

Source: mos.ru

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